29 July

Suz in the City: The Del Boca Visita of 2010

For those of us well versed in the world that Larry David and Jerry Seinfeld created all those years ago, we remember Del Boca Vista. It was the condominium complex where Jerry’s parents spent their golden years. After an embarrassing impeachment, Morty Seinfeld convinced Kramer to run for President, so he could continue to run […]

23 July

A Locavore: So much Indy, so little time

It used to make me sad when I would miss an event like this. Back in June I had a conflict for the 5th straight year with Brew Ha Ha (Phoenix theater fundraiser / event). I now look at this with great civic pride; Indianapolis has so many things going on that support the arts, […]

22 July

5th Annual Get IndyVolved connects young pros with nonprofits

IndyHub invites Indianapolis young creatives and professionals to interact with dozens of nonprofit organizations and interest groups offering opportunities to get involved through volunteer service, serving on a committee or being a patron. The free event will take place on Wednesday, July 28 from 6-8 p.m. at the Athenaeum Theatre building downtown along Mass Ave. […]

19 July

Kallie’s Keys to PDA: Management. It’s not personal, it’s work.

In my current professional position I have the opportunity to manage a department and the fine, talented folks within it. This is a first for me. Sure, I’ve managed a summer intern or been the point person on a project, and of course I’ve managed myself, but never before have I had outlined managerial job […]

15 July

You Don’t Know Jack: ISO Roommate

Four months into my 30s, I received a phone call from my step-dad. Apparently, we have a family friend I’ve never known about. And apparently, said friend comes from a really nice family and just needs a furnished room for the summer. Said friend is interning in Indianapolis and said friend is a really nice […]