18 February

You Don’t Know Jack: I dumped myself on Valentine’s Day

The guy next to me is reading playboy on US Airways flight 3032 from Washington DC to Indianapolis. The driver of a pretty nice shiny black town car doused himself in what I imagine Sex Panther smells like prior to driving me to the airport. I dumped myself on Valentine's Day. I'm not quite sure […]

15 February

Kelly Gets Fit in the City: Wii that was a fun workout

A week filled with snow storms and cancelled school seemed like an easy excuse for me not to go out in the cold and find a new weekly class to try. However, mid-week I felt guilty about not holding true to my challenge of doing a new fitness class each week. So, I decided to […]

12 February

Suz in the City: I Guess I’m a Hillbilly?

I was watching one of my favorite shows, House, last week, and one of the main characters encountered an opossum in his tub. As this opossum is referenced here and there for the remainder of the episode, my husband walks into our room. I said, Hey, check this out! They’re mispronouncing possum on this show! […]

4 February

Indianapolis’ & New Orleans’ young professional communities place wager on Super Bowl XLIV

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IndyHub, an organization for young professionals in Indianapolis, and Young Leadership Council (YLC) of New Orleans have placed a friendly, and artistic, wager on Sunday’s meeting between the Indianapolis Colts and the New Orleans Saints. With a slight twist on the traditional mayoral bet, the victorious city will be the one packing up goods to be […]

2 February

IndyHub release iPhone app

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IndyHub, an organization for Indianapolis young professionals, has launched a free iPhone application. The IndyHub iPhone app enables iPhone and iPod Touch users to find and RSVP to upcoming events. IndyHub organizes two to three events each month, ranging from social to professional development and civic to philanthropic. Examples of upcoming events include: a casual […]

1 February

Kelly Gets Fit in the City: Making a Splash in Water Aerobics

I inadvertently took a Water Aerobics class this week, which ended up being a good thing because my challenge of trying a new fitness class each week has been challenged by lack of time lately. So, when I went to swim laps at My Oasis (which used to be called Ladies Only) and the pool […]

22 January

You Don’t Know Jack: Ain’t No Cure for the Winertime Blues

According to my mother, this bit of a wintertime blues I’m going through isn’t just reserved for princesses like myself. We are well into the third week of the New Year and I don’t exactly feel rejuvenated nor do I feel resolved. I feel cold! I feel hungry! And just when I think I’m going […]

19 January

Amy’s Two Cents: So about Resolution #6

So we’re two weeks and some change into the brand spankin’ New Year and all of its Jan. 1 resolutions-and-promises-fresh-start-Pledge-polished shine. How’s it all goin’ for ya? Still hitting the gym, eating better, and being nice to everyone? If so: Good for you. And you are probably lying. Come on, it’s really hard to change […]

15 January

Kallie’s Keys to PDA: Makin’ Moves

It seems Kallie’s Keys to PDA has been MIA. What started out as a fall frenzie parlayed into the holidays and then there were more holidays, and pretty soon it’s been three months since I posted a column. So, here it is 2010 and I think it is appropriate to add writing regularly to the […]