15 May

Run(317) supports local charities

Run(317) is back! On May 18, we’ll host the first of five 3.17 Mile running/walking events. Run(317) is a family friendly event, that supports five different charities and encourages runners and walkers of all abilities to come out and enjoy Indianapolis. This summer, each Run(317) race will showcase a different neighborhood. Participants will experience unique […]

27 July

Attend Mickey’s Camp & raise funds for local Indy charities

At cocktail parties during primary season, when we tire of dissing Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton, the conversation often turns to Hoosier hysteria. Nothing is more ensconced in Indiana college basketball lore than the juggernauts of 1975 and 1976 under Coach Bob Knight. Now you have a chance to relive that era. Mickey’s Camp has invited Quinn […]

20 July

Tour de Upland: What to Know

Summer is here, and at Upland Brewing Co., we couldn’t be more stoked about the season. To celebrate the end of summer, we’re inviting you to our version of summer camp for adults. Each August, we take over CYO Camp Rancho Framasa in Brown County, Indiana, for our annual Bike & Brew Bash, Tour de […]

7 July

An invitation to Summer Celebration

First things first. If you have never received an invitation to IBE’s Summer Celebration then here it is. I would love to see you at Summer Celebration this year. Summer Celebration is one of two major fundraisers for IBE, with proceeds going to support year round work across the state improving communities. Since I was […]

30 June

It’s That Time of Year

It’s That Time of Year

While most people make their health resolutions in January, thus becoming very disappointed and guilty by June — I just wait until June. Why set myself up for an entire year of failure when I can just fail really fast over the course of one summer season and be done with it? Normally what motivates […]

13 March

Representing on the US National Power Soccer Team

Power Soccer combines the skill of the wheelchair user with the speed and power of the chair itself, to participate in an extremely challenging game similar to soccer. The game is highly competitive, played worldwide, and Indiana’s making a pretty impressive showing on the 2015 US National Power Soccer Team roster. The Power Soccer World Cup is […]

11 November

Spreading the Indy Love Generated by Soccer and Indy Eleven

Spreading the Indy Love Generated by Soccer and Indy Eleven

I love watching sports live. I cheer on the Colts, bleed crimson for the Hoosiers and attend the Indianapolis 500 religiously. But after attending my first Indy Eleven game this year and witnessing World Cup fervor this summer, I started to formulate a theory around the differences between sports teams and their connection to their […]

6 May

News From the Indianapolis Motor Speedway

News From the Indianapolis Motor Speedway

It’s May. And I can only begin to tell you how awesome that is. I mean, you live here, right? Everyone in Indianapolis knows that the Indy 500 isn’t only a race, it’s part of who we are. But as excited as we are at IMS about all the stuff that’s going on right this […]