Kallie’s Keys to PDA: Meetings, meetings, meetings

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No matter whether you live your day in meetings or you just have a few on your calendar a month, most everyone can agree that meetings can be important and should be useful. Recently, I needed to prepare for a meeting, which got me thinking about the things that make a good meeting. Below is a bulleted list:

  • Know the purpose of the meeting
  • Know who will be at the meeting and their purpose for attendance
  • Identify the time frame you’re responsible for
  • Create an agenda
  • Create time lines to go along with agenda items
  • Identify the goals and desired action items for your agenda
  • Build in strategies for getting group feedback and participation
  • Identify the facilitator

During the meeting:

  • The facilitator should facilitate
  • Start on time. Great hint I recently heard, make the last person to the meeting be the note taker
  • Follow the agenda
  • Ask for feedback, invite those who are not chiming in to do so
  • Be willing to put things in the parking lot
  • Stay on track
  • Follow your agenda
  • If there is a next meeting, set it at the end of this meeting. Most people have a calendar on their phones.
  • End on time

After the meeting:

  • Note taker send out recap identify action items and who they are assigned to
  • Hold people responsible
  • Follow up

These few simple steps will greatly improve your outcomes and effectiveness in future meetings. Try it out and be sure to report back how it goes!


Hi, I'm Kallie and I am here to pass along assorted thoughts on Professional Development Advancement – PDA. (If you thought,by the title, you were going to get some insight into my personal life – think again!) Coming from what feels like the smallest town (Royal center) in the state only to move onto the largest (and greatest) university in Indiana (IU), I was out of my element, taking on a brand new world alone. It was during this timeframe my initial passion for professional development ignited. I brought that passion, as well as a journalism and psychology degree, with me to our monumental capitol city and have been honing my interest ever since. My other interests include strategic public relations, branding, new technologies, current events, reading, education, traveling, golfing, concert going and socializing, of course. If you'd like to contact me please do so at kjbonnell@gmail.com

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  1. Kenan Farrell
    November 27, 2011

    End on time is so important. I’ve seen too many meeting facilitators continue on well beyond the schedule end time, seemingly oblivious to the time constraints of others. If there’s more work to be done, at least pause and allow attendees an opportunity to leave if necessary.


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