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We’ve officially kicked off our 2015-2016 season of Passport to the Arts presented by Lilly. It’s too late to subscribe with us this year, but we promise to keep you up to speed on our recommendations for your own art excursions in Indy.

popsISOOn Saturday, November 21, the IndyHub Passport to the Arts crowd ventured to the Indianapolis Symphony Orchestra (ISO) for their show Classic FM: Radio Hits of the Decades. This particular performance was part of the ISO’s Pops Series–and we’ve got to say, they totally nailed it.

If you’re unfamiliar with the Pops Series, we’d tell you that the shows in this series tend to be the most accessible type for those who aren’t sure whether or not the symphony’s really their jam. As was the case with Classic FM: Radio Hits of the Decades, there are often vocalists that accompany the orchestra with Pops concerts. 

If you’re hoping for a traditional symphony experience, we’d steer you toward the Classical Series. People often assume young professionals aren’t interested in Bach or Rachmaninoff, but it’s always been our experience that there are a handful of folks in the Passport who would prefer Beethoven to the Beach Boys.


Our Passport to the Arts crowd gave the ISO’s Classic FM . . .

90% thumbs up!

And they said things like:

So much fun! Fantastic performance.”

A great show for my first ISO experience!”

And they also said things like:

I enjoyed the show, but I would have rather had a more traditional symphony experience.”

I don’t need to say how talented the ISO is and the conductor was funny but the music was not terribly interesting to me.”

No matter how they felt about the show, though, 100% said they plan to go back to the ISO again on their own. Some to the Pops and some to the Classical.

Find a POPS Performance to Suit Your Taste

popsTwitterIn the spirit of sharing the Pops Series with you, we thought we’d mention the upcoming Pops performances in the 2015-2016 ISO season.

A Tribute to Alfred Hitchcock: Films + Orchestra
Friday, January 15 – 8 p.m. | Saturday, January 16 – 8 p.m.

Sinatra Centennial
Friday, February 12 – 8 p.m. | Saturday, February 13 – 8 p.m. | Sunday, February 14 – 3 p.m.

Spectrum: The Magic of Motown
Friday, February 26 – 8 p.m. | Saturday, February 27 – 8 p.m.

Pink Martini with the ISO
Friday, April 8 – 8 p.m. | Saturday, April 9 – 8 p.m.

A Choral Spectacular!
Friday, May 13 – 8 p.m. |  Saturday, May 14 – 8 p.m. | Sunday, May 15 – 3 p.m.

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