The mission of The LAB is to empower young leaders of arts, civic and social organizations in Indianapolis through networking, support and collaboration to help make the city a more vibrant place to live and work.

Announcing…The LAB! 

The LAB is a gathering of young leaders from arts, civic and social young professional organizations across Indianapolis that serves to better connect these organizations to each other and our city to allow for a greater collective impact.

Sounds pretty awesome, right? We sure think it is. And we’d invite everyone if it made sense, but experience has helped us sort out the size-to effect ratio. And, as it turns out the biggest crowd is not always the best crowd when it comes to gatherings like these. The LAB, which takes the place of past IndyHub programs, Presidents’ Round Table and The Exchange, will now offer two tracts to ensure holistic and relevant support for Indy’s emerging leaders.

The first tract is The Lab Leadership Cohort, which is an invitation-based, intentionally curated class of individuals currently serving in a leadership role for a group or initiative creating lasting impact in our city. These leaders will be asked to join several round table conversations to share their group’s work, collaborate with colleagues and to gather resources for the groups in which they lead. Each fall new representatives are chosen to sit on the cohort.

At large, The LAB Network will consist of mission-driven, young professionals that are fostering cultural diversity, community pride and positive momentum for 20-and 30-somethings in Indy through a collective group or initiative. This casual gathering of peers will meet, socialize and share experiences, with the ultimate goal of working together to help make the city a more vibrant place to live and work.

If you’d like for your organization to be a part of the The LAB, drop a note to Ashley at