October 8, 8 a.m.- 11 a.m. 

Volunteers are needed for Brunch Run Indy, benefitting CMBC! Volunteers will pass out bib numbers, premium items, and goodie bags to those participants who have sent in their entry form by mail or through on-line registration. Volunteers should be able to handle a flurry of activity all at once. Volunteers will be asked to fill and distribute water cups at location along the course. Volunteers need to make sure that water remains plentiful for all participants as well as clean the area after the runners/walkers have passed. Volunteers should dress comfortably and for the weather.

Interested? Learn more and sign up at here by October 7.


About CMBC

Christ is My Big C is a grassroots organization established to provide community-based financial support and Christian love to those directly affected by cancer. Stephenie’s vision is exemplified by the organization’s name – Christ is My Big C is a reminder to not let cancer be the Big C in your life. Stephenie hoped that easing people’s financial burdens could help them focus on what is most important in their lives such as faith, family and winning the battle against cancer. Cancer has long had the reputation as the “Big C” and a diagnosis alters patients’ lives and those of their caregivers.

Through faith, Stephenie found strength to challenge the fear that the word cancer instills. Through faith, acknowledging that Christ is really the Big C, cancer patients can find comfort and strength in their own journeys. The money raised by the foundation will be distributed to local churches’ benevolence funds. The churches will then distribute the money to cancer patients in need of financial assistance in their respective communities. Assistance can take many forms such as insurance premiums, deductibles, groceries, gas money, money for specialists, alternative treatments, medical equipment and essentially any needs that a person battling cancer may have.