June 5-July 31 / 9am-4pm

Are you passionate about nature connection and love to work with youth? Are you interested in connecting more with our natural world and learn best by doing? Are you able to commit to one of the most fun and adventurous weeks possible in Indianapolis? If so, then our Firekeeper Adult Volunteer opportunity is perfect for you.

Maintaining a Wilderness Academy in an urban environment requires Community Support. Parents and friends of White Pine are passionate about the skills taught here. Through our curriculum, we guide our children to becoming confidently connected adults.

As a ‘Fire Keeper’ volunteer, you will be working side by side with a White Pine Lead Instructor. Your task is to provide supervision and a helping hand, but more importantly, you are there TO PLAY! White Pine instructors and volunteers are not afraid to let go and get dirty. The only skill that a volunteer needs is the ability to embody the spirit of excitement and discovery that we kindle in our campers. Are you ready to get dirty? If so, please join us this Summer as a Firekeeper Adult Volunteer.

NOTE: You will be able to indicate which camp schedule you are free to volunteer: 10am – 2pm or 9am – 4pm. Camps run Monday through Friday and you may choose from the weeks of June 5, June 12, June 19, June 26, July 10, Juy 17, July 24, and/or July 31. Please consider that it is ideal for a volunteer to commit to a full week.

Sign up here or contact Hannah Lee at whitepinewildernessacademy@gmail.com or (317) 774-6360.
About White Pine Wilderness Academy

At White Pine Wilderness Academy we provide our youth with a full body, full sensory immersion into their environment. Students will be mentored through their fears and inhibitions to find their strengths and ‘medicine.’ The education model we embrace was found throughout the planet. Our tradition IS the village itself. Through the arts of questioning and storytelling, we meet students where they are, share their passions, and move forward with challenges and inspiration.

We model our curriculum on the universal culture of the hunter-gatherer. Our ancestors had to problem solve and engage with their environment every day. We provide this experience. Students are mentored through the process of ‘re-evolution’, a process that re-builds the relationships with our environment that have been severed. We systematically repair the bond between each student and every species in their environment. In doing so, students find a sense of place, power, and purpose.