July 22nd, 11am-5pm (shifts available)

Participants in this event (“Raiders”) will come out to explore six antique and architectural salvage shops. They will play antiques bingo, watch project demonstrations, shop, and explore the Near Eastside.

We need volunteers for one three-hour shift to greet participants, stamp participants’ bingo cards at each shop, and collect their information for a raffle.

Learn more about the event on our Eventbrite page and sign-up to volunteer by clicking here. Thanks for supporting local business and the Near Eastside!


About NEAR (Near East Area Renewal)

For the past decade, NEAR has worked with Near East residents and partner organizations to spur the renewal of our neighborhoods. We serve as the community’s leader in residential development, from renovating historic homes to developing affordable housing opportunities like St. Clair Senior Apartments.

It’s important to our organization that our mission, values, and priorities reflect those of our community. To make sure that’s the case, our bylaws require two-thirds of our Board of Directors to live or work in the Near East, and more than half must be a resident here. In addition, the majority of our Board of Directors must be minorities or women.

Visit our website to learn more about our organization and our initiatives and view past projects and what we are currently doing to encourage and inspire growth in our neighborhoods.