Single Day

Boys and Girls Club of Indianapolis Take A Student to Work Day At the Boys & Girls Clubs of Indianapolis, 2016 was the 25th Anniversary of girls being allowed in the Clubs. To recognize this, we had a 1 day event called “Take a Girl to Work Day”. We had 100 professional women and 100 Club girls join for a half day of mentoring. We are actually doing this again this year in October; however, it will be for two days and we are also including young men as well.

The focus of this event is to expose these young teens to careers that they may never have even thought of. The majority of the kids come from a single parent household and are not exposed to careers that are more than an hourly position (nothing wrong with that, of course). This allows them to actually go into a field for the afternoon and be exposed to what a person in a sales position, advertising, engineering, architecture, or even as doctor may do each day. Last year, a Club kid mentored with an OBGYN doctor and witnessed a birth. Talk about an experience!

If you are interested in participating, please contact Michelle Foley at the information below. Michelle Foley | Donor Communications Manager | Boys & Girls Clubs of Indianapolis 3530 S. Keystone Ave. #200, Indianapolis, IN 46227 | 317.920-4700 |317-920-4701 fax |