July 1, 2017 from 10am-5pm (shifts available)

3 communities with seemingly different acts of faith and lifestyles coming together to show Unity and promote peace in the streets of Indy. This event will begin in the Martindale Brightwood neighborhood and we anticipate we will get participation from all urban neighborhoods for future events. We are planning for 500 to be in attendance on this day.

We are in search of volunteers to help us with set up, serving food, and tear down after the event. If you are interested, please contact Rikcole Muhammad at mameboussoindy@live.com or (317) 960-9486 by June 15.

TRU Advocate/ VOICES Corp

Show of Solidarity and Coming together to save and protect our youth and make our neighborhoods a great place to live! Shedding light on somewhat distant and different lifestyles. Giving others who are not apart of either community the opportunity to see that differences amount to so little when everyone has a common goal. We want to lock arms around our children to show them they are protected and we want to lock away our fire arms to keep them away from our children.