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3 Stops with Hailey, IndyHub’s New Events & Operations Coordinator

Posted by: IndyHub
Posted: June 18, 2021
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We are thrilled to welcome Hailey DeWolf to our team! Hailey is a proud Butler Bulldog and joins us from Playworks Indiana. She brings with her extensive event experience, including at Susan G. Komen Indiana, ArtMix, and Clowes Memorial Hall. At IndyHub, she will coordinate event logistics for IndyHub programs – both virtual and in-person – and help create experiences that connect residents to the city. We asked Hailey to show us around some of her favorite spots in and to share how they have played a role in love for all things Indy.

When I moved into my college dorm at Butler University five years ago, I had no idea that I would fall in love with the city of Indianapolis. I went into my first year year with the mentality that I would remain in Indy for college and that I would then move away after graduation to a large city to start my career and find my own community. Throughout my time as a student at Butler, I met so many innovative people, volunteered with so many incredible organizations and experienced so many remarkable things in Indianapolis that it became impossible for me to envision myself living or working anywhere else. Indianapolis truly became my home.

Although there are many different places in Indy that hold special meaning for me, there are three specific spots that helped me realize that Indianapolis was the city where I belonged: The Indiana Repertory Theatre, The Indianapolis Artsgarden, and 317 Burger. 

Stop One: Indiana Repertory Theatre 

Growing up as a lover of the theatre, I always aspired to move to a city with a thriving arts scene. It was the Indiana Repertory Theatre that helped me realize that Indianapolis had the arts community I was searching for.

As a student of Butler University’s The Jordan College of the Arts, I was encouraged to attend many different professional and local arts productions all throughout Indianapolis. The very first professional arts performance I attended in the city was the Indiana Repertory Theatre’s production of The Three Musketeers in the fall of my freshman year. I remember seeing the performance and being in absolute awe of the show’s high level of acting, production, and professionalism. It was watching this particular production that I realized the incredible talent and arts opportunities Indianapolis had in store! The Indiana Repertory Theatre was a wonderful introduction to the amazing arts scene of Indianapolis and will always hold a special place in my heart. 

Stop Two: Indianapolis Artsgarden 

Throughout my experience living in Indy, the Indianapolis Artsgarden has served time and time again as a wonderful and innovative space for professional as well as recreational events and activities. It is a space that truly encapsulates the beauty of the city and puts it on full display.

My first experience visiting the Indianapolis Artsgarden was during my time as an intern with Clowes Memorial  Hall. My role was focused on coordinating the Scholastic Art and Writing Awards of Southern and Central Indiana, and the Indianapolis Artsgarden was one of the local venues to exhibit the winning art pieces. Upon visiting the exhibit, I was blown away with not only the aesthetic and location of the Artsgarden, but with its ability to bring people together in the heart of downtown. It was very fulfilling to watch my professional work pay off as a wide variety of people from the city were able to come into the Artsgarden to enjoy the exhibit. Through this experience with the Indianapolis Artsgarden, I not only fell in love with the space, but I also discovered my passion for bringing the Indianapolis community together! 

Stop Three: 317 Burger

I visited 317 Burger for the first time during my second week as a student at Butler University. On a blazing summer’s day in late August, one of my new classmates suggested that a small group of us walk to Broad Ripple from our dorm to grab some off-campus lunch. Being new to Indianapolis and assuming the walk would be nothing more than a fifteen minute stroll, we all agreed. Little did we know then that our trip would turn out to be a fifty minute trek on the hottest day of summer through mud, busy streets and territorial geese! Needless to say, by the time we arrived we were more than ready for a good meal – and 317 Burger did not disappoint!  

From that day on, 317 Burger has served as my go-to restaurant in Indy. Whether I was looking for a fun place to bring my family for dinner while they were in town or I was looking for a spot to grab a quick meal before going out later with friends, 317 Burger always proved to be the perfect pick. I will always treasure this restaurant for its great food and for it’s even greater ability to capture and celebrate the spirit of Indy. 

Throughout my time in Indianapolis, I have learned that this city is truly a unique place where everyone can find belonging. No matter how specific your interests, career path or passions may be, Indy is a place where you can always find community and connection. Having now put roots down in the city, I am excited to join the IndyHub team in helping others discover the experiences, people and places that make Indianapolis home.

Meet Hailey!

An Indianapolis transplant, Hailey fell in love with the city during her time as a student at Butler University. She fostered her passion for connecting and serving the people of Indy through her many different volunteer and internship positions with organizations such as the Indianapolis Children’s Choir, The Julian Center and Susan G. Komen of Central Indiana. Prior to joining the IndyHub team, she served the Indianapolis community through her role as an Americorps Coach with Playworks.

A lover of the arts, Hailey can often be found at local theatre and dance performances. In her free time, she enjoys reading mystery novels, going to the drive-in movie theatre with her friends and family, and spending time with her cat, Loki.

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