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5×5 Indy Winner Dan Fifer Project Update

Posted by: 5x5 Indy
Posted: January 13, 2016
Categories: 5x5 Indy

Launched in 2013, 5×5 Indy creates a space to for people in Indianapolis to share and support arts based ideas for community projects. Each 5×5 event showcases five ideas and awards one with $10k.

We thought it’d be fun to catch up with our winners to see what happened with their project and what they’re up to now. Today we’re talking with Dan Fifer who won at a 5×5 hosted by the Big Car in 2014.


Dan’s Proposal: Floating Gardens

DFifeMy idea was for floating gardens to reconnect communities to their waterways.

The idea was that the gardens could be used for a variety of plants from native water-bank plants that would help the environment of our waterways to fruits and vegetables that would inform the public about the connection to pollution and our own health.

Will you give us an update on your project?

I am still looking for a permanent location for the garden. I have successfully built a floating garden and it survived quite well over the summer in my yard. I had planned on installing it in the canal in Broad Ripple Village, but could not get final approval from Citizen’s Energy. So the project is still on-going.

Garden May 21-2I am working on getting the right permits to install the garden in the White River near the Indianapolis Art Center. I have also met with science teacher from a few elementary schools in the Butler area that are interested in using the gardens for science research projects, but we haven’t found a suitable location yet.

How have you benefited from participating in the 5×5 Series?

I have learned that there are many people in the Indianapolis community who are enthusiastic about improving our city and are excited to help with projects like this. Whenever I talk about this project people offer advice and look for ways they can help make this idea a reality.

PlansThis project has allowed me to get more involved with our community in creative ways. Through this project I have worked with some incredible people and been involved with extraordinary organizations like the Upper White River Watershed Alliance and the ROW Canal Committee.

For future participants I would encourage them to have faith in their idea and understand that help is available. While there might be many hurdles to overcome, there are people around that will provide support.

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