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5×5 LOOK INDY at the Harrison Center on August 7

Posted by: 5x5 Indy
Posted: July 15, 2015
Categories: 5x5 Indy


The second 5×5 Indy of 2015 will be hosted by and located at of the Harrison Center for the Arts. All 5×5 programs are free and everyone is invited and encouraged to attend!

Mark your calendar for Friday, August 7. The Harrison Center for the Arts’ gates open at 5:30 p.m. and the program begins at 6 p.m. 



The Harrison Center for the Arts is a community gathering hub with four art galleries, 36 artists in studios. They’re also dedicated to the well-being of their neighborhood and work tirelessly to bring cultural solutions to community problems (check out Herron High School and City Gallery).

They’re always looking for innovative ideas to put arts and artists at the center of vibrant community development. They see the 5×5 as a great opportunity to encourage our community members to creatively develop and share their ideas about what would make our city even better.


Critical to the conception and ongoing support of Herron High School, it’s safe to say the Harrison Center knows a their stuff when it comes to learning in the city. As advocates for an arts integrated curriculum and a commitment to intentional engagement in the urban context, the Harrison Center’s theme LOOK INDY: THE  CITY IS YOUR CLASSROOM couldn’t be a more perfect.

The Harrison Center wants to encourage all types of teachers and schools across the city to think about seeing Indianapolis and what it has to offer as a resource for their teaching. They also hope the LOOK INDY will encourage all of us to give our full attention to places that we might have overlooked before, particularly the 3 Great Places neighborhoods and other urban neighborhoods.

And they would love to see other arts, civic and community development organizations attend the 5×5 event and choose to independently support projects that could creatively help meet a need in their own organizations. It’s part of the beauty of the 5×5 series–sometimes something begins as a 5×5 idea and doesn’t win, but an organization or community decides it’s worth doing anyway.

The whole process of developing ideas brings community members together and helps us think about changing our own places. 5×5 is the impetus for the discussion . . . it’s why we start dreaming.


LifeLines -Mary Jo Bayliss 
Using steel sculptures designed and created by Christel House Academy students to bridge socioeconomic gaps and physically illustrate the giftedness found in every walk of life

The Hidden City – Mark Kesling
Painting “holes” throughout the city that educate pedestrians on the hidden infrastructure beneath the surface

Color Me Indy –  Grant Thomas
Creating an interactive coloring book for both kids and adults that highlights iconic Indianapolis points of interest

Your Neighborhood Trade School – Brittany West
Neighbors teach their neighbors through barter exchanges at Trade School, a self-organized, inclusive, learning cooperative

An Open Air Lyceum – Jonathan Harris
Constructing a meeting place on Herron High School’s campus to discuss, engage, inspire, and share ideas on topics that matter

Friday, August 7. Harrison Center for the Arts’ gates at 5:30 p.m. | program at 6 p.m. 
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