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Category Archives: Culture & Diversity

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Young Indy Entrepreneurs: LaToya Johnson

Posted by: IndyHub
Posted: September 24, 2019
Categories: Culture & Diversity, Community Partners

We feel like there is always an awesome local business or company popping up in our city. And more times than not, there’s a young go-getter behind the scenes working their tail off to make it all happen. […]

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Are they OK with that?

Posted by: Mali Jeffers
Posted: September 19, 2019
Categories: Culture & Diversity, Community Partners

Over the summer, I had the incredible opportunity to meet some of the world’s best urban designers and architects. Literally, the world’s best thinkers. Inspiring is an understatement and meeting them was only half of the fun – […]

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Join the movement as The Exchange at the Urban League welcomes thousands to National Urban League annual conference in Indy

Posted by: Adrianne Slash
Posted: July 16, 2019
Categories: Professional Development, Networking & Social, Culture & Diversity, Civic Engagement, Volunteer Opportunities, Community Partners

Being engaged with events that are bigger than your city yet still remaining relevant to your city is an enormous task for local affiliates of national organizations. This is the life members of The Exchange at the Urban […]

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My Indy: A City to Discover

Posted by: Laura Granieri
Posted: January 30, 2019
Categories: Arts & Entertainment, Culture & Diversity, YP Perspectives

Seven years ago I chose to move to Indianapolis and now proudly call it home. In the past decade, there have been immense developments and community projects that have helped shape the city as a strong, dynamic and aspirational place to call home. I can’t help but take pride in sharing our city and its story with others.

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