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Discover, Discern and Decide at Urbana 22

Posted by: IndyHub
Posted: November 8, 2022
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Indiana native Logan Caldwell would describe the Urbana conference as eye-opening. 

Logan grew up in Fort Wayne and moved to Terre Haute in 2015 to attend Rose-Hulman Institute of Technology. Upon his arrival in Terre Haute, he was eager to find a community that would help him to continue to grow in his professional development through engineering as well as his faith. 

Logan joined InterVarsity at Rose-Hulman, where he was immediately welcomed, as a first-year student. In 2015, an upperclassman invited him to attend the Urbana conference. While skeptical at first, Logan was curious about this mission-focused conference, wanting to learn how he could combine his passion for engineering with service. 

One of the daily seminars at the conference was entitled “Engineering for the Gospel.” Led by a mechanical engineering student and his missionary family.  Logan witnessed first-hand how this student used his knowledge and skills in engineering to address the needs of the communities in Nepal. 

On missions trips with his family, the presenter told the students how he discovered that many children in Nepal suffered, and in some cases died, due to undeveloped lungs. The communities couldn’t afford electricity and expensive machinery to save the children. So he made it his life’s mission to address these disparities and created a device that helped the children breathe. 

This beautiful example of how passion for engineering could be combined with the gospel inspired Logan. He wondered how he could do something similar. 

Logan returned to Urbana in 2018 as a senior in college. This time, he was eager to mentor younger students the same way he had been mentored his freshman year. He also sought guidance from his community, as he was experiencing burnout and depression due to personal circumstances. 

Just like his first conference, there was a seminar addressing exactly what Logan needed. He walked away with knowledge, tools, and resources that he could use to help himself and others experiencing burnout. 

The Urbana conference was one of the first and only places where Logan experienced multicultural worship, helping him to realize the power and depth of the global Church. He also built deep connections and friendships with many of the other attendees, staying in touch with them to this day. 

When the time came to consider his post-graduate plans, Logan knew he was seeking an employer that embodied similar values and commitments as the Urbana conference. 

Logan was set up to continue living missionally when he received an offer to serve at the Rolls-Royce headquarters in North America for engineering and manufacturing. As a defense contractor, he helps make engines for aircraft that are used for relief and humanitarian efforts. Products he works on every day are used to help people. 

Logan has experienced first-hand the many ways Rolls-Royce creates a culture that celebrates diversity where people can connect personally and professionally. He participates in Rolls-Royce’s multifaith Employee Resource Groups where employees can learn about different religions and share their own.

Outside of work, Logan and his wife attend Soma Downtown on the Near Eastside. They have been introduced to several nonprofits including Dayspring Center, Wheeler Mission, and more. Because of his experience at Urbana, he has the confidence to seek opportunities that allow him to grow in his faith and live a more broad missionary life. 

Since 2015, the Urbana conference has given Logan a sense of what mission looks like in engineering. He consistently reflects on how he can apply his faith to his work, rather than just going to church. The ways he serves Indy through his workplace and church, and his desire to embrace new kinds of relationships and connections in his neighborhood, were all influenced by Urbana. Similarly, his response to his emotional and mental health needs were inspired by Urbana.  This year’s conference, being the first of the 2020s, will continue to provide seminars and content that meet participants where they are. 

In December, Indianapolis will serve as the host city for Urbana 2022, a four-day conference bringing together Christians across the globe to connect and grow together in their faith. To register and see which organizations are coming to Indy for the conference, visit Urbana’s Connections Hall page. Use promo code INDYHUB150 for $150 off your registration.

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