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Get to know #74 for Pacers Gaming

Posted by: IndyHub
Posted: March 28, 2022
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Indianapolis will continue to be the city where champions are crowned as the host location of the NBA 2K League. The fifth anniversary season will take place from March 23 – August 27. As the city prepares to welcome players, staff, and fans to the Circle City, we caught up with Pacers Gaming’s Bryant “WoLF” Colon to learn about his experience in The League and his hopes for the upcoming season.

For many of our readers, being a professional esports player is a dream job! When did you first get involved with esports?  When did you know you wanted to go pro? I had two dreams as a kid growing up. One was to be a professional athlete or a professional gamer. Growing up I played video games all the time. It was a hobby for me that I really enjoyed. In college I began playing competitively in NBA 2K. I won many tournaments and played really well. During my senior year the NBA announced the NBA 2K League and I knew right away this was my chance to become a professional. I made a promise to my parents that I would get my Bachelors in Computer Science and they gave me their blessings to pursue making the league

You were selected as the no. 13 overall pick in the 2018 NBA 2K League Draft. What were your first thoughts to being selected by Pacers Gaming? Draft day was a day that I will remember for the rest of my life. I’m from Queens, New York so the fact that I sat in Madison Square Garden waiting for my name to be called on National Television felt surreal. When Pacers Gaming drafted me, I was thrilled. It was the team I wanted to play for the most. The pacers had the best facility, culture, and most importantly I wanted to be coached by a strong leader, Cody Parrent. My initial impression of the Pacers still holds true to this day, which is why I continue to stay loyal to the organization. At the time though I knew little about the city Indianapolis. I had never been to the mid-west before and truly didn’t know what to expect. As soon as I landed in Indianapolis the Pacers welcomed me with open arms. This city has grew on me and I am proud to call it my second home. 

Some people might not know that you’re originally from Queens. What’s made Indy home for you? Indy is home to me for many reasons. I love the people here. Hoosier Hospitality is a real thing. Surprisingly the food here is unmatched, which means a lot coming from a New Yorker. Make sure to stop by St. Elmo steak house at least once when I am in town. Pacers Sports and Entertainment also makes Indianapolis feel special. I have met so many great people within the organization and it truly feels like one big family. 

What does a typical day look like for a professional esports player? Typical day for me consist of mostly practice. We start around 10:30am and end around 6pm. Every single day we scrimmage other professional teams to work on our game. At 10:30am we typically have a meeting to discuss our goals for the day and what we are going to work on. Our first scrimmage goes from 11am-1pm. From 1pm to 2pm we get a lunch break, which normally consists of Qdoba for me. 2pm-6pm we continue to scrimmage versus other professional teams. Throughout the season we tend to scrimmage less and watch more film to study our opponents and ourselves.  

Esports attracts talent from across the globe. How have you been able to connect and engage with players worldwide? Yes, we have had many international players play within the NBA 2K League. Last offseason I teamed up with a professional player from Spain named Mario. We competed on the same team every single night working on our skill sets to stay fresh for this upcoming season. Similar to how professional athletes work out in their off-season of their respective sports to stay in shape. It was always a struggle scheduling games because of the time difference. We made it work and I enjoyed playing with Mario.

Practice makes perfect. Can you tell us more about how you prepare for the season? A new NBA 2K game comes out every year. To prepare for the season I make sure to play the game almost daily to keep my skills sharp. I’m constantly trying to improve on something. Sometimes it’s something game related like shooting or working on my passing vision. Other times I work on the mental side of the game. I watch other professional players play and try to add things I see to my game. It is very similar to how other professional athletes prepare for their seasons.

Season 5 just kicked off at the end of February. How are you feeling about this year? I am feeling great! I love our team. We are very skilled group of players. We were fortunate enough to bring back the same core of players we had last year. By trading for an All-Star point guard, Vandi, we set our team up for a successful year. The sky is the limit this year for Pacers Gaming and I can’t wait to get started. 

Speaking of this season, Indianapolis is set to host this year! What are you most excited for? I am most excited for Pacers Gaming to have home field advantage this season! I know the Pacers organization is going to support us at every game we compete in live. Though the league is in Indianapolis instead of New York, I look forward to the wolf pack being present. (For those new to the league, the wolf pack is what my supporters call themselves). I am so glad that Indianapolis will get to experience the NBA 2K League live. It is so unique and I think people are going to love it. The fan experience is very important and I have the utmost confidence that the NBA 2K League is going to deliver.

Our city’s residents have the opportunity to experience esports and gaming up close and personal. What do you hope they take away from the tournament? I hope we get lifelong fans out it. Preferably Pacers Gaming fans but all jokes aside the more exposure for the NBA 2K League the better. 

What is your advice for people who are trying to learn more and/or improve their skills in NBA 2K? My advice is to keep practicing. I know it may sound cliché but it’s the truth. You don’t become great at something overnight. It takes time to develop skills. Keep actively working to get better.

Favorite spot in the city? Bakersfield and The Canal Walk

What professional accomplishment are you most proud of? Playing for Puerto Rico in the international FIBA Esports Tournament. I am Puerto Rican so being able to represent them at the highest level of Esports was truly an honor. 

Hobby that you have that no one really knows about? I enjoy going to different coffee shops and trying their coffee. My favorite place in Indianapolis is Leviathan Bakehouse. Go to order is a Cold brew with simple syrup and whole milk.

Experience NBA 2K League in Indy: The live studio experience tips off on April 20 in the heart of Downtown. In-person games will take place at the brand new NBA 2K League Studio at The Pavilion at Pan Am. Check out the league competition schedule, grab your ticket and be a part of Indy sports history!

Meet Bryant “WoLF” Colon: I was born and raised in Queens, New York. Growing up my parents made the decision to devote a lot of our time to me playing sports. Coming from a long line of talented athletes, it was no surprise to them that I was talented in multiple sports, but my favorite were football and baseball. Through my commitment to perfecting my sports skills, the discipline landed me a once in a lifetime opportunity, to go off to a preparatory school. I began a new chapter of my life at thirteen, moving hundreds of miles away from my family. I was raised to cherish time with my family. Many of my childhood memories were created in the homes of my family; from my uncle teaching me how to play baseball with beans to fitting 30 people in my great grandmother’s home on New Year’s. Which meant the decision to move away for school didn’t come lightly. During my time at Wilbraham and Monson, I grew into who I truly am, I was stretched in ways I didn’t know I could, and met a lot of great people along the way. This opportunity positioned my adult years for success. I continued playing football and baseball throughout high school, ultimately deciding to play collegiate football. In my off time from my studies and sports, you could find me playing video games. I began studying finance in college, but quickly realized finance wasn’t for me which lead me to switching to computer science. During my senior year I heard that the NBA announced the 2K league, I knew the opportunity was meant for me. I continued perfecting my skills, then tried out for the league, and made it. In hindsight I’m aware how the experiences of my childhood, playing on sports teams and going off to preparatory school, prepared me for the exact moment to become the first player ever drafted to Pacers Gaming. 

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