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Informing, inspiring and igniting equitable change in our community

Posted by: IndyHub
Posted: November 17, 2022
Categories: IndyHub

The Indianapolis Foundation recently launched the Movement of 10,000 (MVMT10K), a digital platform that informs, inspires and ignites equitable change and justice in hopes of making Central Indiana the most anti-racist community in the country. We caught up with Kayla Knox and Tedd Hardy, two of the leaders of this initiative to learn more about how you can have a role in dismantling systemic racism and to creating equitable opportunities for all. 

Hi, Kayla and Tedd! As Indy natives, why have you continued to call Indy home? If not, what brought you to Indy? 

Kayla: I am from the West side of Indianapolis – in the Clermont, Brownsburg, Avon area. I have continued to call Indy my home because my family has always stayed in Indianapolis. So that’s where I would always go home to when I would be on break at school or just wanted to visit. I’ve since moved back to Indy on the North side and I’m loving being a resident again!

Tedd: I love this city, I’ve been all over the country shoutout to my basketball talents and there are some beautiful places out there, but there is no place like home. So I’m here to stay.

Kayla, can you share more about your role with The Indianapolis Foundation? 

Kayla: At The Indianapolis Foundation, my official title is Equitable Initiatives Officer. This means I’m in charge of one of our many initiatives or programs focused on dismantling system racism.

Tedd, you are the content creator and visionary behind No Days Off. Why did you create this platform? 

NDO was created out of need of our relationships that peers and partners. Our ability to connect with communities through outlets through our social equity resources, programs that work, and partnerships that build. Our biggest goal is to show that it takes us to save us. Community members can help us grow nationally by continuing to advance education, social issue resolutions and access.

Tell us more about your role with MVMT 10K. 

Kayla: During the development of the platform itself, I was in charge of all of the content curation for MVMT10K. This meant that I had to find, research, vet, and receive feedback on all of the learning content, including the self-assessment and the Community Events Calendar. Now that we have launched the platform, I am taking on the role of Project Manager of MVMT10K! I’m very excited to continue improving and developing this app!

Tedd, how does NDO tie into the Movement for 10,000?

NDO ties in by being an example of what happens when there are no barriers to equity, locally or nationally.

The platform includes pathways that feature articles and videos that explore the origin and history of racism. How will these tools help individuals to establish lifelong practices of anti-racism and equity? 

Kayla: That’s a great question. I truly believe that we all have a level of learning to do before we can take effective action. Our friends at The Groundwater Institute say, “Once you know the diagnosis, you can begin the treatment.” Therefore, by understanding the history of race and racism within the U.S. and Indiana, more specifically, we can understand how racial disparities exist within our systems today. And by understanding these facts, we can take the steps needed to dismantle racism at the systemic level. With the MVMT10K, we are attempting to implement systems-level change and that starts by educating individuals. 

What else can users engage with on the platform? (Both NDO and MVMT10K)

Kayla: Right now, users – we like to call them Movers – can engage with our 6 learning pathways, a self-assessment, and our Community Events Calendar. Movers can also engage with each other on the MVMT10K platform by leaving public notes on the content. Our hope is to build the social features necessary to create a community dedicated to dismantling systemic racism in Central Indiana.

Tedd: They can engage with events, arts, and community; support via merchandise sales and invest through donations.

We each have a role in making the Central Indiana community the most inclusive and anti-racist region in the nation. How is MVMT 10K helping our community to start working towards this now? 

Kayla: The MVMT10K is helping our community work toward inclusivity and anti-racism by being the one-stop-shop for anti-racism resources in Central Indiana. From learning, to an assessment to reflect on racial equity in your life, to a Community Events Calendar for opportunities to serve and celebrate people of color in our community – we have what you need to get started in this work. We also hope this space will serve as a central location for all of The Indianapolis Foundation and CICF’s resources related to racial equity (we have a lot)!

How can residents get more involved? Is there a fee to be a part of the movement? 

Kayla: We would love residents to download the MVMT10K app today! You can learn more and create an account at mvmt10k.org. Even if you don’t think this app isn’t for you, sign up and see! We all have learning to do – and the best part, it’s free! In order to remain true to our values around equity, all of our content is free to use. We do know there are great resources out there that are NOT free and we uplift those in our Additional Resources touchstones.

How will MVMT 10K engage with the community? (Events; individual presentations; etc.)

Kayla: We absolutely plan to host events, community conversation, individual or organizational presentations, hosting tables at events, and whatever else the community needs! We hosted a week long Launch Week in late October and plan to host similar events in the future.

What does success look like for MVMT 10K? 

Kayla: This is a great question. Luckily, we have our Data Systems Associate, Jena Brooks, on our team who is dedicated to making sure MVMT10K is successful. According to Jena, “MVMT10K will be successful when there is a community of people in Central Indiana and beyond dedicated to a lifelong practice of anti-racism. While the definition of success will continue to evolve as the platform grows, we know that the first success will be 1,500 people joining the movement and creating an account. Beyond creating an account, we hope that folks engage on the platform and ultimately make conscious behavior changes towards equity.”

What’s one thing you hope that the community takes away from MVMT 10K? 

Kayla: I hope the community takes away that because we are all born into and raised in our racist systems, we all perpetuate racism unconsciously. That’s how racism continues on – it depends on our unawareness and considering it the “norm”. Therefore, we all have work to do to dismantle it.

Indy is a community where twenty-and thirty-somethings can have a seat at the table and lead with intentionality and impact. What are you most proud of with your leadership for MVMT 10K?

Kayla: I would say I am most proud of the way I’ve acted as a thought leader, have pushed to have my ideas at the table, and then actually implemented. I love seeing my ideas in the app today – from the illustrations to the curated pathways to the Community Events Calendar to No Days Off. I’m grateful to have the opportunity to make MVMT10K what it is today and continue making it even better!

How can people follow along with the Movement? 

Kayla: Join the MVMT10K at mvmt10k.org and download the app in the App Store or Google Play Store! We’re also on Facebook (The Indianapolis Foundation) and Twitter (@IndyFoundation). Feel free to email us at mvmt10k@cicf.org.

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