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Multiplying Good launches new civic leadership program

Posted by: IndyHub
Posted: June 2, 2022
Categories: IndyHub

Multiplying Good is launching their inaugural cohort of ChangeMakers, a (12) week program of volunteer, networking, fundraising and celebration events that is open to young professionals across the state. Additional information attached. We sat down with Executive Director, Shannon Frederick to learn more about this leadership experience.

Tell us a little bit about Multiplying Good and how your mission impacts communities both locally and nationally. 

At Multiplying Good, we work with young people to unleash confidence in their ability to make a difference and deliver the skills they need to do it well. We work with organizations to recognize their employees, resulting in happier and more productive workplaces and stronger communities. We work with the media to create more connected audiences and drive non-traditional revenue by recognizing grassroots unsung heroes in their communities. All together, we use the power of service to activate empathetic leaders and changemakers and inspire greater impact through recognition.

You’re launching a new civic leadership program called ChangeMakers. Why now? 

As the Executive Director of Multiplying Good in Indiana, I have decided to launch ChangeMakers now because I still feel like we live in a country divided, we are becoming a country of the self  and service is the one thing that can bring you outside of the self. Our organization has been in existence for 50 years and it is time for the next generation of leaders to be a force for good!  We call it the multiplier effect. It starts when one person realizes their true potential through service to others and they inspire others to do more. 

What can participants expect from the program? (Skills gained, experiences, connections, etc.)

ChangeMakers is a 12 to 16 week program that consists of a series of volunteer, networking, fundraising, and recognition events for the members of the class.  Through these experiences, ChangeMakers can expect to grow their professional networks, gain meaningful volunteer experiences with teens in their community, be celebrated for their commitment to volunteerism and servant-leadership, and have a great time connecting with like-minded peers.

How will this program teach participants how to maximize their impact through their time, talent, treasure and network? 

Participants will take a deep dive into Multiplying Good’s Students In Action program, a service-learning and leadership development program for teens.  During their time in the ChangeMakers program, participants will have the opportunity to coach or mentor an SIA team, volunteer at a student-led service project, and/or attend our Fall Leadership Conference where they can lead a workshop, speak on a panel, or simply observe and learn.  They also commit to raising funds that get directly invested back into the SIA program, allowing Multiplying Good to offer SIA completely free of charge to young people across Indiana, regardless of their ability to pay.  Our goal through the ChangeMakers program is to demonstrate to our Students In Action that “giving back” isn’t something that ends when they graduate from high school—our ChangeMakers pay it forward by serving as examples and role models to our Students In Action of a life of servant-leadership.

At the completion of this program, participants will receive a Jefferson Award, the highest honor in service and volunteerism. Are there some local doers and leaders we’d recognize on this list of previous awardees? Yes, a few of our local winners some of you might recognize are, Peyton Manning, Senator Richard Lugar and Jeff Saturday.  Others but not local you might recognize are Bryan Stevenson, Justice Sonia Sotomayor, TOMS and Patagonia.  You can find a list of past national Jefferson Award recipients on our website, https://www.multiplyinggood.org/what-we-do/jefferson-awards/past-award-recipients

Speaking of local changemakers, Tom Hanley and Olivia Hawbaker are two Indy leaders shaping our city both professionally and personally. We caught up with Tom and Olivia to learn more about their experience with Multiplying Good.

How did you get involved with Multiplying Good? 

TH: I was a recipient of a local Jefferson Award in September of 2016 for my work withing the community at Nine13sports and across the community and in April of 2017 was selected to represent the Central Indiana region at the National Awards Event in Washington D.C.

OH: I first “met” Multiplying Good after receiving a Jefferson Award in 2018. Part of that experience included a celebration with other recipients, and I was introduced to many of Multiplying Good’s programs after that!

How have you grown as a young professional through this organization?

TH: Working alongside the team at Multiplying Good has been an incredible experience over these last almost 6 years. From representing Central Indiana to being able to plug in directly through the work of Nine13sports bringing bikes to youth programs and being involved in multiple speaking engagements alongside the Jefferson Awards team has continued to build meaningful relationships and truly multiply the impact of all that is happening in the community, not just with Nine13sports, but with all of those involved. The framework I lead our nonprofit with is that we only can succeed when we work with others and do it with intention, passion, and vision; and I feel that approach has only been more solidified with the work of Multiplying Good.

OH: Following the Jefferson Award, I had the pleasure of participating in the Students in Action final presentations as a committee member for awards, and I’ve been able to connect with so many new people through both the award celebration and the Students in Action events. The Jefferson Award experience also lead met to consider and participate in Leadership Indianapolis’ SKL Executive Leadership Program!

Tell us more about receiving a Jefferson Award! 

TH: I was very honored to receive a Jefferson Award in September of 2016 for my work as founder and CEO for Nine13sports. At that time, Nine13 had just begun a large upward trajectory that has continued and sustained to this day; but to get to that moment took 5 years of very hard work and passion to have the organization positioned to grow. I believe the Jefferson Award was one of several catalysts that created the growth we’ve experienced since.

OH: The Jefferson Awards are an amazing part of Multiplying Good! The award is meant to honor the power and impact of service to others, and to inspire action within our communities. It was a huge honor to receive a Jefferson Award as a Citizens employee that reflected my commitment to uplifting and serving some great places in our community, including Coburn Place Safe Haven, IPS School 43, and Common Ground Christian Church. Part of the experience was a celebration in Washington D.C., where I was able to hear the most inspiring stories of people of all ages and places creatively and lovingly caring for the people in their communities.

What are you hoping to see come from this year’s inaugural class of Change Makers? 

TH: Now, more than ever, it is important for our community to work together and support one another in ways that create leveraged impact. The Change Makers class has the opportunity to dive deeper into that concept of intentional relationships and intentional vision to make an impact and through collaboration and creativity, I expect we will see each of them grow as members of the community but that their collective effort will create impact in a way that sets the standard for all.

OH: I hope to see a cohort of leaders in our community that grow in their personal leadership, connect with and learn from peers, delve deeply into places of service that are inspired by their passion, and have a whole lot of fun doing it!

Why should young leaders get involved? 

TH: Leaders cannot succeed in silos or without meaningful relationships with other passionate individuals. Change cannot happen in silos without meaningful relationships with others passionate for the same cause. In an era of social media where “me” is the brand, it is more important than ever for young leaders to work alongside peers, experience engaging discussions about opposing viewpoints and thoughtful approaches for how to make change. I believe that the experiences offered by Multiplying Good create lifelong learning for young leaders and through that learning; will continue to positively shape our communities for decades to come.

OH: The greatest impact we have is in the place and with the people directly around us. To grow in leadership is to grow in your ability to communicate with and serve others while you accomplish something together. Change Makers is a great opportunity to meet other leaders, learn from each other and excellent coaches, and inspire others to action. Consider the opportunity for your own leadership growth, yes, and also consider the impact you will continue to have by committing to learning, growth, and service!

For those that are interested in learning more about Change Makers, how can they get involved? 

You can find more information and nominate yourself or someone you know by going to our local website, https://indiana.multiplyinggood.org/about.  We are accepting nominations until June 30th. Acceptance into the program is by invitation only.  Also, we are having a virtual information session on Thursday, June 9 at 6:00 pm.  Registration information can be found HERE.

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