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Pass the Torch for Women Foundation | Do Good Often Blog Series with AT&T Indiana

Posted by: Hannah Thomas
Posted: September 11, 2020
Categories: IndyVolved, IndyHub

When I first moved to Indianapolis in 2016 to attend Butler University as a dance major, I didn’t think I would stay here post-graduation. I was from Maine, and I had never spent much time in the Midwest. Things changed over the next four years as I began to get involved with local non-profit organizations like Pass the Torch for Women Foundation as an intern. I found a new career path to pursue, a community to join, and a cause to support that I was passionate about. The more I got involved, the more I found myself in awe of all of the inspiring people I met, and the sense of community, culture, and care they have fostered in this city. Once that happened, I didn’t want to leave. 

I’ve been involved with women’s organizations since I was a kid, so when I had the opportunity to intern at Pass the Torch for Women Foundation, I was ecstatic. As a college senior, I was eager to test out the waters of the professional world and ‘put myself out there’ in all the ways I’d heard about during college: networking, having a mentor, making connections.

Getting involved in PTTFW allowed me to try out all of those things, while also giving me valuable opportunities to build my marketing skills beyond what I’d learned in class. I was able to attend events and listen to inspiring speakers, meet a variety of professional women at different stages of their careers, and have a formal mentor for the first time. 

My internship also allowed me to pursue my interest in nonprofit work and women’s causes. Pass the Torch for Women Foundation offers programming, mentorship, and support for women at all stages of their careers, including single mothers, first generation college students, and women who haven’t had access to many opportunities. 

I continued my internship through my last year of college, and I am enormously thankful to have had the support of the Foundation as I navigated applying for and interviewing for my first full-time job in Indianapolis. 

As I started my job at a media company, I knew I didn’t want that to be the end of my involvement with non-profit organizations. I’ve been able to stay involved and dedicate a few hours a week to social media marketing for the Foundation. I look forward to attending future Foundation events, as well as continuing to involve myself in Indy’s non-profit communities. I love the feeling of awe that comes from a room (or Zoom call) of passionate people working with care, and I’m thankful that Indianapolis has allowed me to find it. 

About Julia Bluhm

Julia Bluhm is a 2020 Butler University graduate who is now working as a communications coordinator at Complexly, an educational video production company that produces shows such as Crash Course and SciShow. She has been involved with Pass the Torch for Women Foundation since May 2019, when she joined the organization as a communications intern.

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