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She Thinks: It’s Beginning to Look a lot like Pinterest

Posted by: Blaire Huntley
Posted: November 19, 2012
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Smells of cider, fir and smoky chimneys. Gap ads with famous families. Butternut squash up the wazoo. If you don’t know by now, it’s time to tis the season. Or something. I’ve always been really into the holidays (the Fourth is my jam, y’all) but I go nuts at Thanksgiving and Christmas. And this year I am even more serious about it. Partly because Mark and I are getting our first tree together! Partly because it’s the one time of year I can eat whatever I want without anyone judging me except my mom. Oh mother.

This year’s festivities are guided by another source of wisdom: Pinterest. Unlike my mother, Pinterest quietly suggests things I need to do, try, read – whatever – to transform my life. Pinterest is a revolution of sorts in pictures. It’s a dangerous distraction for crafters. It’s a new bride’s worst enemy (she pissed because she didn’t think of that!). I pin all the live long day any time of year, but it is ah-mazing for the holidays. Are you pinning, peeps? If not, get on it. If so, here's a few of my favorites finds for this season that you may just pin yourself. That sounds weird.

Cheers to Everything: While food is important (see my previous post), this year I have strange fascination with cocktails. Last year, I drank champagne or Bailey’s on the rocks and this year I’d like to schnazz it up a bit. 

Give a boozy thanks with these:

Clink to Kris Kringle with these:


DIY Holiday Crafting: I'm a big fan of do-it-yourself projects. I just wish I did it myself more often. But a girl can pin! Right? Anyway, here's some fun holiday DIY projects that could inspire even the laziest pinner to…do something.

  • Thanksgiving DIY decorating – easy ideas that your wallet will be thankful for.
  • Turkey Day Trivia. Print these and pass out while the turkey's going. It's a great chance to challenge your dad on Thanksgiving history and make him say, “I don't know” for once. A chance.
  • I love tablescapes. Yep, I said tablescapes, but it really does create a nice experience! This could be pretty in the middle of your table or on a mantle. Set the table a la Martha Stewart by making these easy paper lanterns. And I just like all of this
  • Free Thanksgiving printables. Dress up your table(scape) with cute labels or placecards, or pop them on takeaway pies to hand out after dinner. 
  • Mark and I painted a wall in our apartment with chalkpaint. After pinning the other day, I erased our Fantasy Football standings and chalk outlines of our kitten (sorry, PETA) and started up on this bad boy.
  • 100 Holiday Crafts – There. Are. Just. So. Many. One hundred to be exact. Great for kids!
  • Coffee filter snowflakes. Stop it. Too cute. Too easy!
  • Awesome DIY holiday cards. The whole family can get in on this action. These are especially awesome since cards can get so expensive! All you need is some craft staples that you probably already have: cardstock, some paint and pretty pens.
  • Have an invite to an Ugly Holiday Sweater Party? Don't go. This DIY holiday sweater is the hotness.

Ah, there's so much pinning to be had! I hope you and yours enjoy the holidays. Be sure to take advantage of those of cocktails and imbibe this season. It'll help make your weird uncle funny.


PS – I love my mama. 


Blaire Huntley is a writer, a runner and a hopeful cook. She currently works for ExactTarget, the greatest place on earth! Blaire graduated from the University of North Carolina, having studied communication, and currently studies human behavior through Reality TV. She’s obsessed with soccer, eating and all things downtown Indy, where she lives with her boyfriend Mark. She is also the community organizer for Trade School Indianapolis. Check it out and teach, learn and barter. Contact her at blaire.huntley@gmail.com and on Twitter @rareblaire.

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