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Shop Black Indy, your one-stop shop to support local Black Businesses in Indianapolis

Posted by: Bunmi Akintomide
Posted: June 16, 2020
Categories: Culture & Diversity, Innovation & Technology, IndyHub

Shop Black Indy is not just another online directory, it is a hub to bring awareness, visibility, and celebrate all the Black-owned businesses, entrepreneurs, creators, artists, and events around Indianapolis. 2020 has been a very rough year for the Black Community, COVID-19 disproportionately affected our community, and the ongoing police brutality towards Black people as well. 

With all this negative spotlight on our community, I know it’s more important than ever to support our local Black-owned businesses. Covid-19 has slowed down revenue for many small businesses, making the idea of closing down a sad reality. I know it’s easier to get on Amazon to order one thing or the other, but these small businesses still need to thrive amidst it all, and they need our support now more than ever. 

The Problem with a Solution

I’ve always been told, don’t point out a problem if you are not already thinking of a possible solution. Many people are willing and want to support Black-owned businesses, but finding them can be a challenge. Shop Black Indy aims to make it easier to discover Black-owned businesses in Indianapolis. In addition to connecting black businesses with consumers, we are committed to helping them gain visibility and creating avenues for growth through the following programs:

  • Weekly business feature on Shop Black Indy’s website
  • Networking events for Black-owned business owners, and aspiring black entrepreneurs
  • Seminars and Workshops on a vast array of topics to incite business growth
  • Partnerships with other organizations to connect the businesses to several resources. 

Where do we go from here? 

No man is an island, and in order to provide our business owners with the best support, I am collaborating with different groups to ensure Shop Black Indy plays its role in helping Black businesses in Indy achieve their goals. I am very grateful and enthusiastic by the overwhelming support from our community so far. Support from the community is very crucial to the success of Shop Black Indy, so here’s how you can help both our initiative and your local Black-owned businesses:  

  • Share the website, shopblackindy.com with Black business owners so they can list their companies if it’s not already on our website. 
  • Share with your friends, coworkers, or anyone looking to support a Black-owned business in Indianapolis
  • Follow Shop Black Indy on Facebook and Instagram @shopblackindy or sign up to receive our newsletter on our website to stay up to date on events or which business of the week to support.

I am excited to collaborate with individuals and organizations looking to add value to Shop Black Indy’s mission. If you are interested in supporting our initiative in any capacity please email us at hello@shopblackindy.com.

Meet Bunmi: Bunmi Akintomide is a Systems Specialist Manager at Salesforce, founder of Indy Black Millennials and Shop Black Indy. Outside of work, he’s also known for his love for Indianapolis, and desire to get people together, through networking events, podcasting, or just a good ‘ole happy hour. 

Instagram: @KingBunmz

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