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Step Into the Story and Into Your Leadership Potential

Posted by: IndyHub
Posted: June 2, 2021
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As a young professional it seems these days we are presented with more and more opportunities to get involved within our favorite non-profits and organizations, whether it be joining boards, helping at events, or just volunteering in general. Gone are the days that real decisions are only made in the corporate boardroom and in are the days that the experiences and opinions of young people living and/or raising their families matter to the overall well-being of organizations.

This could be no truer than looking at Conner Prairie’s Horizon Council. Conner Prairie is a living history museum and Smithsonian affiliate in Fishers, just north of Indianapolis. Through historical re-enactments, hands-on activities, and interactive experiences, Conner Prairie uses the past to shine a light on the future. The Horizon Council is a group of young professionals are vital to the success of Conner Prairie’s mission both in programming and fundraising. The Council’s main event each year is “History on Tap,” a brewery festival that combines a typical beer festival with the passion and flair that is uniquely Conner Prairie. Annually the organization sets out to create an event where people can come enjoy the grounds while trying samples of 20+ beers, wines, and hard ciders produced by Indiana brewers. What sets this event apart is a touch only Conner Prairie can provide in that the participants are also learning about our history through the grounds set in an early Indiana town with interpretations of 1830s music, and beer-making.

What also sets this event apart is just how involved in the planning, staffing, and orchestrating this event the Horizon Council is. It is a fantastic event to attend, but quite possibly an even better event to be able to plan. Joining the Council personally has been an amazing opportunity. I, myself, found the Horizon Council through IndyHub’s IndyVolved event and I have never looked back. I was looking for ways to become more involved with the community while also finding a way to truly have input in the success of an organization I was passionate about. I have found it in the Horizon Council and have enjoyed connecting with other young professionals in the area and being able to be involved with an organization that is so vital to sharing our history.

So, I invite you to join us on Friday, June 4th for History on Tap. Grab a beer, listen to some great music, and when the evening is a part of history too and you are wishing it didn’t end, consider joining us for a bit longer on the Horizon Council to plan next year’s event.

Purchase tickets for the 2021 History on Tap festival

Meet Jackson:

Jackson Huff is an admissions representative and adjunct faculty member at Indiana Tech. He is a
graduate of the IU Kelley School of Business with majors in Business Management and Human Resources
also holding a master’s degree in Management from Indiana Tech. When not engaging in education and
community work he is an avid traveler traveling to more than 35 states and 15 countries thus far.

Learn more about the Horizon Council and how you can get involved.

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