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Suz in the City: Revisiting Beef & Boards

Posted by: Suzanne Flynn
Posted: March 8, 2010
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There is something different to do in Indianapolis (that’s not new but may be forgotten) called Beef & Boards. I had gone there years and years ago (as a child) with my parents and remembered having a good time.

When my girlfriend, Kelly, asked if Bryan and I would like to go see The Foreigner at Beef & Boards, we jumped at the chance. Bryan said his parents would drive up from Columbus, IN, to see a show and have dinner with friends. He remembered them enjoying it.

Kelly, Stephen (her hubbie), Bryan and I were off on a “new” adventure. We arrived at our table of 4 (which was fairly small and smashed into all the other tables) with a good view of Stage Right. They have two identical buffets set up in the center of what will soon become the stage. You serve yourself and eat. As soon as the Host from B & B gives you the warning, they start to clear the buffet, your plates, and drinks. They offer to bring any additional drinks to you, and then the stage comes out. Though they have a decent amount of theater seating, it is a very intimate location. You can see the actors’ faces very clearly and hear just as well.

The Foreigner was different than, I think, any of us were expecting. It was a play about an Englishman who visits Georgia with his friend (who is in the service) to get over his depression over finding that his wife of many years has been unfaithful to him. As a shy man, he and his friend concoct a way to avoid having him speak with anyone else staying at the bed and breakfast. His friend tells them he is “foreign” and does not speak English. The story goes on from there, and it was pretty entertaining.

The English accents weren’t the best I’d heard, and the Georgian accents ranged from someone from Santa Claus, Indiana, to Mobile Alabama, but we got the idea. They were supposed to be hicks from the hills of GA. The funny part about the English accents is that Kelly’s aforementioned husband, Stephen, is from England. Thus, he could really tell where the accents were missing. I’m sure the Indiana actors weren’t planning on having a person with such a background (an actual “foreigner”) in the audience.

Still, even with the lackluster accents and somewhat adult (the Klu Klux Klan made an appearance) underlying theme of The Foreigner, I think we all had a good time going to Beef & Boards. It was something different in a river of weekends that bleed into one, and I would defiantly go back again!

Suzanne Flynn hails from Noblesville, IN, and has resided in Indianapolis since graduating from Indiana University. Her unique view of the world stems from the combination of life experience and a strangeness she has possessed since birth. By day, Suzanne is an account manager and a board member for the Heritage Place of Indianapolis who prides herself on a good hug or a truly tasty grilled cheese. She is one of four daughters, the aunt to 9 beautiful children, and the happy wife of Bryan Flynn. If you see Suzanne on the street please avoid poking her with sticks or other sharp objects– this just angers her. If you have a topic you'd like covered, please send her an e-mail to: suzanne.flynn@live.com.

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