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The Heart Of The Vote Is You: Marion County Election Board

Posted by: Russell Hollis
Posted: October 19, 2020
Categories: Civic Engagement, Community Partners, IndyHub

Voting During a Pandemic: What You Need to Know

This November, registered, Marion County voters have their chance to participate in one of our counties’ longest-standing traditions. As a valued, necessary, active participant in democracy, the Marion County Election Board is working tirelessly to provide the details you need before polls close on Election Day.

Voting isn’t just a part of our democratic process, it’s our civic duty, our privilege, and our opportunity to help shape the future we dream of realizing. Although the COVID-19 pandemic will change the way Marion County voters experience Election Day, it’s important it doesn’t prevent you from expressing your voice.

In May, over 123,000 Marion County voters opted to participate in the primary election via an absentee ballot returned through the United States Postal Service. However, relying on absentee ballot wasn’t without challenge. That’s why the Marion County Election Board is urging you to watch the clock. The United States Postal Service advises allowing a 14-day return period for your completed ballot to travel from your mailbox back to our office to be counted. If your ballot is postmarked by November 3 but doesn’t arrive before November 13 deadline, it won’t be counted. So, what are your options?

If you’re afraid your absentee ballot won’t make the return trip ahead of the deadline to be counted, please drop your completed, signed ballot off in-person at an early voting location or at a vote center on Election Day. Returning your ballot in-person ensures that your vote will be counted. Or, perhaps you’d prefer to simply vote in-person on Election Day.

Just like Hoosiers united to flatten the curve for essential healthcare workers throughout Indianapolis, it’s critical that Marion County voters voting in-person follow important guidelines to reduce the spread of the coronavirus.

All voters are required to wear a facemask when voting in-person, whether that be at an early voting   location or an election day vote center. If you don’t have a facemask, one can be provided to you upon entry. Wearing a facemask to your nearest polling center is the best way to thank our volunteer poll workers for their service by preventing the spread of germs.

Though we’re heading into a national election, Indianapolis knows all too well the powerful impact we can influence by focusing on change at a local level. IndyHub itself is a prime example of what happens when people, with a shared cause, come together to inspire and ignite positive change. Whether your ballot is blue or red, an elephant or a donkey—we urge you to utilize the resources around you to cast your vote on Election Day and to be an active participant in shaping our community and our county’s future.  

Meet Russell Hollis

 Russell Hollis is the Deputy Director of the Marion County Clerk’s Office. In that role, Russell serves as the director of policy and communications, focusing on issues impacting criminal justice and elections for the nation’s 18th largest city. On October 20th, tune in on our Facebook at 3:30 p.m. for Raise Your IQ: Vote Your Way presented by Pacers Sports & Entertainment with Russell and Meaghan Banks for a conversation on how to plan your vote.

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