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Booksale/Indy Library Store

IMPCL_StoreBooksale Volunteers

The Indianapolis Public Library conducts several book sales every year. Materials for these sales are obtained through the Library’s discarding process and from donations made by the general public.

Booksale Volunteers donate their time, usually once a week, on Monday, Wednesday, Saturday morning, or Thursday afternoon to process and shelve books in preparation for public and online sales. Volunteers can choose to only work the actual sales, which occur every other month.

Interested? Connect with Mike Ehret at mehret@indypl.org or (317) 275-4044 to find out more.

About the Indianapolis Public Library

The Indianapolis Public Library is the community’s place to access essential information resources, technology, programs and services; foster reading and learning and promote the social, economic, recreational and lifelong learning interests of its diverse population.

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