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Community, Services, & Recruitment Team Volunteers & Ally Roles

Multiple Opportunities Available: The Circles Indianapolis Poverty Reduction group meets every week on Thursdays from 6-8 p.m.

Various volunteer opportunities are available requiring time commitments of as little as 2 hours per month up to approximately 12 hours per month on average.


Circles Indianapolis is the local chapter of a successful national movement (www.circlesusa.org) working towards ending poverty. Circles has been active in Indianapolis since 2010 and is active in more than 70 communities across North America. Circles is helping to inspire and equip communities to reduce poverty and remove the barriers that stand in the way. We want to cut the poverty rate by 10% – enough of a change to tip the scale toward a prosperous and strong community.

Previously sponsored by The Julian Center up through 2015, BRiCKs Alliance, Inc. now sponsors the Circles Indianapolis chapter of Circles USA as a successful example of a relationship-based movement that is working toward ending poverty. Circles works by harnessing the power of community through new volunteering approaches that focus on building social connectedness across diverse groups.

BRiCKs was founded in 2016 with the belief that Building Relationships in Community is Key for systemic change and sustainable development…because we are better together. By building relationships in community, we believe we can achieve the UN Sustainable Development Goal #1: No Poverty (www.un.org/sustainabledevelopment).

In the Circles model, people working to overcome poverty in their own lives (“Circles Leaders”) are matched with middle- and upper-income cross-community friends (“Allies”) who support the Circle Leaders in their plans to become self-sufficient. At weekly community meetings, Circles helps to build social capital and a community that supports each other along with other educational offerings. We remove barriers for participation in our weekly meetings by providing a meal and childcare at no cost.

More about the volunteer opportunity:

The following volunteer opportunities are available:
1. Meal Hospitality (multiple volunteers/groups needed): provide a simple meal for ~50 people or hospitality assistance with set-up, service, cleanup of meals
2. Children’s Program Volunteer (4 volunteers needed): assist with planning/implementation of children’s programming and activities (~8-15 kids/week); background check required
3. Community Team Chair/Co-Chair (2 volunteers needed): provide organization/leadership for a team of people involved with hospitality, meal coordination, meeting space prep, and logistics of adult and children’s programming to help ensure successful execution of weekly Circles meetings.
4. Marketing/Social Media Coordinator (Virtual) (1-2 volunteers needed): use traditional and social media tools and messaging to help increase visibility of the Circles brand within the Indianapolis metro area.
5. Services Team Chair/Co-Chair (Coach) (1-2 volunteers needed): coordinates a team who builds relationships with and has knowledge about local community service agencies that can be used to support Circle Leaders (families striving to get out of poverty).
6. Circles Ally (15 volunteers needed): commit to attending Circles at least 2 meetings/month to develop a long-lasting (18-month plus) relationship/friendship with an individual/family striving to end poverty in their own life through support, collaboration, and advocacy. Allies also advocate in the broader community in our Big View process.

Specific Volunteer Tasks:

Team members are tasked with helping to create a sense of community through the marketing, planning, and organization of weekly meetings that foster trusting relationships necessary to end poverty.

Allies will be provided intensive training about being in collaborative relationship with Circle Leaders and will have the support of other Allies and Circles staff who come together as a community every week.

To sign-up email indianapolis.circles@yahoo.com or call 317.625.7672.

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