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Debate Indy Assistant Coach

Debate Indy logo volunteerDebate Coach

Anyone can inspire a student to achieve through debate. We’re looking for individuals who are passionate about education in Indianapolis to be assistant coaches who learn and lead alongside our school partners.

You can make an impact on the college readiness at your local Indianapolis school. Our coaching program provides assistance, evidence, and resources to new coaches to build their teams, and you can help by becoming be an integral part of the growing debate community in Indy.

No previous debate or public speaking experience is required to be a coach. Passion for educational equity and a willingness to learn are the only requirements.Schedules and locations are extremely flexible. We’ll work to match you to a program that fits your ability to volunteer.

To sign up, contact Henry Fields at debateindy@gmail.com.

More about Debate Indy

Debate Indy is a group of volunteer educators, students, professionals, and advocates who want to help further educational achievement in Indianapolis schools through competitive debate.

We host tournaments, provide college connections, and give students and coaches the resources to start a new debate team at their school.

Our goal is ambitious: we want 100% of the students in Indianapolis to have access to the life-­changing opportunities debate provides.

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