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Gleaning Volunteers with Society of St. Andrew

Ongoing volunteer opportunity; multiple shifts available

Society of St. Andrew organizes volunteers to glean farmers’ excess produce and donates all of that fresh, nutritious food to local hunger relief agencies. Gleaning is picking, digging or gathering that which is leftover or excess. We glean all sorts of produce that our farmers donate, from apples, carrots, cucumbers to collard greens. We are currently partnering with over 40 farms in Indiana and just this year have saved and distributed over 150,000 pounds (that’s over 450,000 servings!) of perfectly good produce that has been donated 97 hunger relief agencies! Gleaning would not be possible without faithful volunteers.

We have ongoing gleaning opportunities. Our high gleaning time, of course, is during harvest season – July to November. But we have farmers market gleanings during the winter months.

Volunteer responsibilities: 

Gleaning for us varies depending on the farm. It could be a pick up from a local urban farm of 30 pounds of squash and dropping it off to the closest food pantry. It could be helping us pick up cucumbers (that were harvested for pickles, but these are ones that didn’t make the grading cut) from a 200 acre farm. It could be helping harvest a community garden. It could be gleaning after a Saturday farmers market. Or it could be picking apples from an orchard. Our volunteers are not only helping save perfectly good food, they are helping those who are food insecure AND helping our environment as well. Food left in the field or dumped into landfills contribute to increased greenhouse gas emissions. So volunteers with Society of St. Andrew are multi-purpose change makers!

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About The Society of St. Andrew: 

The Society of St. Andrew’s mission is to bring people together to harvest and share healthy food, reduce food waste, and build caring communities by offering nourishment to hungry neighbors. There are two clear difficulties in America today surrounding the issues of hunger and poverty. There is hunger and there is food being wasted. Society of St. Andrew seeks to fill the gap between these two problems. There is 13% food insecurity rate in Indiana. There are 66.5 million tons of food wasted each year in the United States. Our network addresses the issue of food waste and hunger by creating a bridge between nutritious but otherwise wasted food, and the people who need it most.

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