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Help At-Risk Youth Get Outdoors

Trip Mentors

Trip Mentors work directly with youth. Join Camptown staff on a day, overnight, or week long trip. Trip Mentors must complete a Camptown Volunteer Questionnaire and may be required to complete a background check including criminal history.

Board or Committee Members

Join the Camptown Board of Directors or one of our five active committees (Development, Volunteer & Personnel, Marketing, Finance, and Prayer). As a board member you help set the direction for Camptown’s growth and provide the resources needed to reach more youth.

Camptown is currently seeking board members who can give 2-3 hours per month committing to various responsibilities such as; board meetings, fundraising, providing forward thinking strategies, and growing our donor resources.

We need take charge leaders, medical professionals, teachers, local government representatives, financial planners, bridge builders, visionaries, and hard workers with a passion for helping youth.

1,000 Backpackers
1,000 Backpackers is a club, so to speak. It’s Camptown’s new membership-driven campaign that is designed to increase community awareness and engage people who believe that nature is not only important, but that it has the ability to impact young lives.

1,000 Backpackers will work together to coordinate high-quality community events, build brand and cause awareness, all while networking and developing valuable professional and board-level experience.

For more information about volunteering with Camptown, check out their volunteer page or contact Don at don.schafer@camptown.net or (317) 471-8277.

More Info about Camptown

Camptown’s mission is to challenge, mentor, and teach youth about life through outdoor adventure and nature programs that help build confidence, character, and hope.

We foster values such as sharing, caring, honesty, respect, and responsibility as we help youth adjust to and cope with their changing world. We lead youth to a better path through camping and adventure programs in the great outdoors.


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