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Hoosier Heartland Trolley Co. Volunteer

Weekends (morning and afternoon) and select weekdays; multiple shifts available

Life is more fun with friends. We believe the same is true for historic railway preservation of all types. The nonprofit Hoosier Heartland Trolley Company is seeking invigorated, professional, and dedicated members of the community to grow a vibrant, diverse, and collaborative volunteer base. Together, we will further our nonprofit mission: to spark imagination in people of all ages by bringing all walks of life together to experience the art, science, culture, technology and economic empowerment of Indiana’s world-renowned electric railway industry from the 20th century.

We are seeking volunteers from all walks of life whom:
Value teamwork
Treat others with honesty, dignity and respect
Have a passion for being stewards of priceless, historic public treasures
Enjoy building meaningful connections with the public and fellow team members alike
Strive for their best and never settle for less
And have fun at the same time
Help us bring the stories of Indiana’s world-renowned electric railway history back to life!

VOLUNTEER POSITIONS – Find an area of best fit for your experiences, knowledge, and perspective.
Restoration / Mechanical
Community Outreach
Fundraising & Development

Once your application is submitted, a representative from Volunteer Services will be in contact with you to schedule required on-boarding and orientation. During on-boarding, you will be required to read and sign HHTC’s volunteer policy, a liability waiver, and conflict of interest policy. Following on-boarding, you will attend a short orientation session to learn about our organization, mission, vision, core values, and long-range plan. This will be followed by a basic personal and railroad safety session.

Volunteers typically meet on weekends during the morning and afternoon to conduct restoration work on antique trolleys, participate in outreach events within the community, or conduct various administrative/historical research tasks. Depending upon availability, weekday opportunities can also be scheduled to maximize participation of those with varying work schedules. This opportunity is ongoing, year-round, and most trolley restoration opportunities take place in the warmer months.

Volunteers will be asked to assist with the following activities: 

Fundraising & Development
Historic Preservation
Marketing, PR, Accounting
Museum Collections
Metal Working (Machining, Welding, etc.)
Wood Working
Railroad Maintenance / Industrial

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About Hoosier Heartland Trolley Co.: 

Hoosier Heartland Trolley Co. (HHTC) is an Indiana nonprofit 501(c)(3) tax-exempt public charity founded in July 2018. A group of young preservationists, businesspeople, and educators came together to preserve the endangered, last-remaining artifacts of Indiana’s electric railway heritage with the following mission and vision in mind:

Our Mission
Hoosier Heartland Trolley Co. exists to spark imagination in people of all ages by bringing all walks of life together to experience the art, science, culture, technology and economic empowerment of Indiana’s world-renowned electric railway industry from the 20th century.

Our Vision
Hoosier Heartland Trolley Co. is developing a world-class organization to preserve the legacy of Indiana’s electric railways and the people who made it possible. This will be an immersive experience that is educational, entertaining and authentic as a true mode of transportation.

Core Values
Community Focused
Caretakers of History and Human Legacies
Diverse & Inclusive
Committed to Excellence

Our Plan
Rescue- We will relocate our collection to a secure, private site for stabilization until a permanent home is secured. Completed November, 2018.

Restore- We will engage with industry professionals to restore our collection of trolleys to operation, starting with Indiana Union Traction Interurban No. 429. Commenced April, 2019.

Run- We will secure a permanent site in which to maintain, operate and interpret our collection and associated artifacts for public education, transportation and entertainment. In Development

Revive- Hoosier Heartland Trolley Co. will ultimately create an immersive experience to revive the full electric railway experience that was once commonplace in Indiana. This immersive experience will serve as a dynamic and entertaining educational tool for public transportation, events, and economic development through destination tourism. See mission and vision above.

Our Approach
Authentic, powerful environments
Real transportation experiences
Personal, human-based stories
Tangible community connections
Dynamic, fun learning fostering critical thinking

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