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Indiana Family Health Council Board

19007534_imagesSince 1976, Indiana Family Health Council has been the sole recipient of the Title X family planning grant for services in Indiana. This has been accomplished with a state-wide network of nonprofit, community-based and public providers in counties with the highest need for health services.

In 2009, the Indiana Family Planning Partnership (IFPP) was established with the Indiana State Department of Health, Indiana Family and Social Services Administration, and the Department of Child Services.

The goal of this partnership is to coordinate and combine all available public family planning funds in Indiana to use as effectively and efficiently as possible to target patients most in need, to provide complete services to all low income individuals, to maximize Indiana’s competitive position in family planning funding, and to minimize the amount of paperwork for local providers.

The IFPP currently has combined family planning funds from Title X, Title V, Title XX, and Temporary Assistance for Needy Families. IFHC has acted as the management agency for this collaboration. This includes monitoring and ensuring adherence to appropriate regulations and standards, planning, training, and coordination of activities. In 2014, over 33,000 individuals received clinical services at one of the system’s 36 clinic sites.

IFHC is currently seeking opportunities to expand its mission and become more public health focused. Thus recruiting new Board members to serve and helping the agency expand its opportunities is a top priority. The Board meets every 3rd Wednesday every other month 10 am to 1 pm.

As a 501(c)(3) non-profit corporation, IFHC has a Board of Directors which is the designated body legally responsible for the overall organization, management, and operation. IFHC has 8 staff and numerous contractual relationships with sub-grantee agencies which deliver direct services. IFHC’s annual budget is approximately $8,500,000.

IFHC is responsible for demonstrating accountability to its funding sources, for taking a leadership role in the planning process for family planning issues, for providing management controls and technical assistance for its sub-grantees, and for insuring that its providers, clients, and service-community have input into the decision-making processes.

The IFHC Board of Directors members are elected for a maximum of 3 consecutive 2-year terms (see Appendix I). The By-Laws of the IFHC Board of Directors require geographical representation of all areas of Indiana. The current Board provides representation from all designated Indiana regions. In addition, the Board represents the racial diversity of Indiana. A broad range of skills from private business, government officials, education, social services, and medical professions are represented.

Interested? Email Kristin Adams at kristin.adams@ifhc.org for more information.


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