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Indy Do Day Volunteer

September 26-29, various times and opportunities available

Indy Do Day is actually four days (Sept 26 – 29) when people needing help and those eager to volunteer get together. Times/days vary by project. Go to Indy Do Day.org and click on “Volunteer” for a list of projects. The list may grow to about 50 projects as Indy Do Day nears!

Indy Do Day will have dozens of varied opportunities including community beautification, help for disadvantaged residents, processing food for food banks, painting and more. Each opportunity listed on IndyDoDay.org describes the work needed as well as the date/time, number of volunteers needed and location.

Learn more, view the ever-changing list of available opportunities, and sign up to volunteer at IndyDoDay.org!


About Indy Do Day and The Rotary Club of Indianapolis

Indy Do Day is people-powered days of service when the residents of central Indiana take ownership of their communities and care of their neighbors. This event will connect 25,000 volunteers with projects over the course of 4 days. Our goal is to create the most civically-engaged community in the nation where every day is a Do Day. Indy Do Day is September 26, 27, 28 and 29, 2019.

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