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IndyHumane Staff-a-Stand Volunteer

October 20, 2019 – January 19, 2020; multiple shifts available

IndyHumane has partnered with Centerplate at Lucas Oil for the winter events and football season. We are sending volunteers to staff a concession stand multiple times a month. After each game, proceeds of the stand are donated back to the shelter. We need 13 volunteers per game. Games are held on the weekends and start/end times vary. Volunteers ideally need their Volunteer Indiana liquor license (can be easily obtained online for $15) and state safe alcohol training (free). Volunteers also will be provided with a free meal voucher for the game.

Volunteer Roles: 

The stands we staff serve easy snacks such as pretzels, candy, nachos, fountain beverages, beer and prepackaged foods. Positions in the stand include food prep, cashiers, stand manager and banker. The stands are set up with nonprofit volunteers in mind, so everything is user friendly and easy to get the hang of. The games are high energy, fun and support a great cause. Volunteers learn how to communicate, work together and find a rhythm so that the stand becomes a successful operation. Perfect strangers tend to work in a stand together and by the end, they are laughing and sharing stories. The fast paced atmosphere really facilitates growth for camaraderie and friendship. With the significant funds raised through this partnership, IndyHumane can service more animals in need as well as provide even more services to the public.

Volunteers are encouraged to sign up with friends, family, coworkers or clubs. The more the merrier!

Ready to sign up? Shifts are available here.

About IndyHumane: 

IndyHumane is an independent, nonprofit animal shelter and welfare advocacy organization located on North Michigan Road. Aside from housing and adopting out homeless dogs and cats- we offer low cost vaccines, spay/neuter clinics, community cat services and behavior resources for the community. We also have a full service veterinary team on staff so that we are able to transfer in major medical cases from other organizations that may be at capacity or have strained resources. We are also a “no kill shelter” meaning we do not euthanize for time or space. Our mission is to save as many lives as possible, giving each animal a second chance for a happy, healthy life- no matter what obstacles (medical, trauma, behavior, ect) might stand in the way.

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