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Lead School Children in Financial Literacy Activities

19007534_ja-of-central-indiana-greenJunior Achievement needs volunteers on an ongoing basis in a variety of capacities.

School children ages preschool through high school need people from the business community to lead them in age-appropriate curriculum; either in several visits, or in several sessions in one day.

In addition, Fifth grade students need helpers at JA BizTown, a town simulation at 7435 N. Keystone where they work as employees in various businesses, they are “paid” for their labor, and they manage personal checking accounts.Throughout the day, students learn about time and money management skills as they work, bank, and shop as consumers.

Through these JA programs, students develop a strong understanding of the relationship between what they learn in school and the importance of post-secondary education, leading to greater success in life. Volunteer training is ongoing.

About Junior Achievement
Junior Achievement’s (JA) mission is to educate young people in the areas of financial literacy, entrepreneurship, and work readiness, and to inspire them to explore and create opportunities, make good decisions, and believe in their potential. Our desired community impact is to prepare young people to succeed in a competitive global economy.

JA programs are proven to be effective, with the outcomes being:  1) students gain a better understanding of how the real world works; 2) students gain a greater appreciation for the importance and value of education to a successful future; and 3) students gain confidence in their ability to graduate from high school and pursue post-secondary education.

It is our belief that students prepared with this knowledge will soon contribute to the quality of our overall community.

Interested? Call or email Lacia Coons at (317) 252-5900 x6 or lacia@jaindy.org

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