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LYN House Volunteer Tutor/Mentor

Tuesdays and Thursdays 4:30 – 5:30pm

Volunteer Position: After School Tutor/Mentor

Purpose: To tutor and mentor one child between the grades of Kindergarten – 5th grade to help them improve their academic success in literacy and/or math.

Training: Attend a 2 hour pre-service training and participate in at least one additional 2 hour training per year. Contact Jessica Hayes at lynhouseinc@gmail.com for training dates.

Location: LYN House, 1155 Tecumseh St. Indianapolis,

IN Hours of Tutoring: Tuesdays and Thursdays 4:30 – 5:30. September – May

Time Commitment: After a volunteer has been matched with a student, the volunteer should commit to one or two days a week until the duration of the academic school year.

Primary Roles and Responsibilities :
– Helping the student with assigned homework if applicable for no more than 20 minutes.
– Helping the student improve academic performance in literacy through reading and writing activities for at least 20 minutes
– Helping the student improve academic performance in determined area of need.
– Selecting materials and approaches that are suitable to the student’s skill level and needs and giving praise whenever the student is successful.
– Maintaining records of the time spent with student and notes on their progress.
– Helping the student develop confidence and a positive attitude toward learning by affirming their thinking and progress in the lesson.
– Encouraging the student to respond to difficult materials by being supportive.
– Seeking to understand the psychological, emotional, and physical problems that may cause a student to have difficulty learning to read.
– Rewarding the child with a special tutoring session for their hard work once a semester.
– Willingness to tutor other children when needed.

Qualifications and Requirements:
– Dependable and prompt.
– Interested in and enjoys relating to a variety of people.
– Willingness to maintain confidentiality.
– Literate (professional training is unnecessary).
– Flexible, friendly, patient and optimistic.
– Enjoy working with children
– Must pass background check.

Interested in learning more? Contact Jessica Hayes at lynhouseinc@gmail.com to hear more and get signed up!


About LYN House

Who We Are: At LYN House we build transformative Christ-centered partnerships with neighbors through which economic, relational and spiritual poverty are alleviated.

What We Do: At LYN House we build relationships with neighbors through after school tutoring, job readiness classes, enrichment camps, and community breakfasts.

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