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The Art Lab Seeks Advisory Board Members


Advisory Board Members

The Art Lab is seeking advisory board members of varied professionals who have an interest in seeing a community arts organization grow in South Broad Ripple.

Seeking:The Art Lab is currently seeking new members to join its advisory board, which meets four times a year. Expertise in the following fields is desired: public relations, marketing, finance, (specifically registration systems, accounting, non-profit law, non-profit management, and grant writing or other.

Objective: We are seeking to grow an art outreach non-profit organization under The
Art Lab. We are also interested in ways to effectively advertise, grow and
serve the community.

When: Our advisory board meets four times a year at Moe and Johnny’s restaurant
or at events at The Art Lab.

More about Art Lab

For more information about The Art Lab, contact Maren Bell at
information@artlabindy.com or check out www.artlabindy.com or

The Art lab has become a gathering place for Girl and Boy Scouts, private events, introductory classes, and offsite activities including aftercare this school year. Currently, it is a loosely formed Cooperative of teaching artists invested in teaching moderately priced classes, doing public outreach, and public art-related events.

Art Lab Mission:
The Art Lab is a locally owned and managed art studio and classroom that provides adults and children with creative avenues of self-expression and opportunities to enhance their own lives and community. Our core teaching group of professional teaching artists are cooperative members in The Art Lab invested in individualized instruction and learning through the arts.


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