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Volunteer Sales Associate for Global Gifts

Ongoing Shifts: 9:30AM- 2:00PM, 2:00PM- 6:00PM, 6:00PM-9:30PM

Global Gifts

At Global Gifts, our products are fair trade, which means that your purchase supports fair wages, gender equity and safe and dignified working conditions. Global Gifts is a locally-owned nonprofit organization. We are supported by a small staff and a dedicated team of volunteers.
Global Gifts is committed to serving impoverished artisans and producers in the developing world by:
Providing vital fair income and employment for people of limited opportunity;
Marketing ethically produced and ethically obtained handmade products;
Educating the public about the cultures and traditions associated with items we sell;
Helping consumers spend their shopping dollars in ways that benefit impoverished peoples around the world.

Volunteer Opportunity:

Volunteering with Global Gifts is a rewarding experience. You get to work hands on with our dedicated staff of volunteers that are passionate about fair trade. You earn points for every shift you work and once you reach a specific number of points, those turn into gift cards for Global Gifts. Our volunteers are also eligible to receive our employees discount and apparel discount.

Specific Tasks: Volunteers will be helping with a number of things, given the areas of the most need from, cash registering, stocking, pricing shipment, light cleaning and customer service. We have many tools on hand to help guide and teach more about fair trade and our mission.

Global Gifts is located at 446 Mass Avenue Indianapolis, IN 46204

To Sign Up Contact: Dianna Norris at (317) 423-3148 or dianna@globalgiftsft.com

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