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Why I chose Indy

Posted by: Mary Casino
Posted: December 7, 2017
Categories: Sports & Recreation

I grew up in the hustle and bustle of Chicago, a much larger city than Indianapolis filled with triple the people. Somehow, I found myself in Indy for college. I’ve not only spent my time here during semesters at Butler University but also most of my summers! Four years later, I never want to leave & I’ll tell you why.

Big city ft. small-town feel

Indianapolis is large enough where there are always things to do like a symphony at the opera or a concert at Lucas Oil. Yet, Indianapolis is small enough where the streets aren’t overwhelming, and parking never rises high. You get the best of both worlds with excitement and a tight-knit feel.

The Food

Indy is a wealth of diverse, taste-bud loving food! My notable favorites are the pulled pork sandwich at Ball & Biscuit on Mass Ave, Al Pastor tacos at Nada near the Circle, and a birthday roll at Sushi Bar in Broad Ripple. No matter what my taste buds are feeling, I can always find a place to run to!

Sports Culture

From Butler basketball to the Colts, I’ve become an avid fan of Indianapolis sports. This city is fortunate enough to not only have competitive sports teams, but a strong following. There is no better comradery than that of Indianapolis sports fans– our fanbase is second to none, especially compared to other cities. In merely four years, I’ve seen NCAA final four basketball championship games and Big Ten football championship games all hosted in the heart of downtown. Once in a lifetime opportunities in a once in a lifetime city!

Most importantly, the people

There are not many places in the world that are quite like Indy– where people smile at strangers on the streets of Massachusetts Avenue or wait the extra ten seconds to hold a door for the next person. The Community of Care (a motto at Butler University) spans farther than the campus reach. People in the Indianapolis community genuinely strive to make this city a better place. No better example than IndyHub, whose sole mission is “to attract, engage and motivate young professionals of all varieties to make Indianapolis an even greater place to live, work and play.”

I never imagined finding myself in Indianapolis, but I am sure glad I did because it has brought me all of these things that I am lucky enough to call, home.

[Editor’s note: Mary has been with us as our Digital Media Intern for over a month now, if you missed her introductory blog, head here and learn more about her!]

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