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People Make the City, even when we can’t get together in person. Opportunities, resources and ways to give back as we work to keep our city healthy, connected and strong.

As our city has endured some of our toughest days, we hope you have leaned on us to keep you feeling connected to Indy in the most authentic and genuine way possible. 

As Indy safely begins to reopens, IndyHub will continue to be here for you. There’s more to come from us, as we stay committed to providing a space for you and all of Indy’s 20-and 30-somethings to feel connected and empowered to shape our city. 

Continue to connect and engage with us! 

Sign up for IndyHub’s monthly newsletter, Five Square Feet. There are no membership dues or obligations to join IndyHub and we’ll keep you updated on all things Indy and her people. 

Another way of staying in the looping is our events calendar which includes both virtual and in-person experience. 
Volunteer service is among one the most meaningful ways to connect. Get involved with local nonprofit organizations and find volunteer opportunities that best fits your skills & schedule.

We’re creating a digital community portal because we believe by using the amazing digital convening tools at our disposal, we can continue to meaningfully connect people to each other, to opportunities to grow and learn, and to ways they can engage in our city without risking their health or the health of their neighbors, family and friends.

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