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How the Madam Walker Legacy Mural arrived at IND

Posted by: Katie Norman
Posted: February 24, 2021
Categories: IndyHub

February 23rd was a really good day at work. It was the kind of day that leaves you smiling for a long time even after you get home. On Tuesday, February 23rd, the Indianapolis Airport Authority unveiled a massive […]

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Onboarding During A Global Pandemic

Posted by: IndyHub
Categories: IndyHub

The Good, the Bad, the Ugly Beginning any career certainly comes with its share of anxieties. Will you be successful? Will you get along with your coworkers? Will you like your new job? Will your first day be […]

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Calling On The Helpers: Supporting Texans

Posted by: Katie Babbitt
Posted: February 22, 2021
Categories: YP Perspectives, IndyHub

My boyfriend, Jarod and I love Texas. We’d spent months looking forward to spending a week over Valentine’s Day in Austin seeing a few of our favorite musicians, visiting our favorite honky-tonks, buying new boots (hello Tecovas), eating […]

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On The Transit Front, Meet Katrina Ent

Posted by: Hannah Thomas
Categories: Networking & Social, Lifestyle & Wellness, Sustainability, Civic Engagement, YP Perspectives, Community Partners, Innovation & Technology, IndyHub

Katrina Ent is an early communications professional, digital storyteller and relationship builder. She’s also a dedicated member of the IndyGo team where she sits at the helm of communications for our city’s transit system. I got to sit […]

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