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Every year we host over 100+ experiences for Indy’s 20-and 30-somethings to get connected, involved and making a difference in our city. And most of the time, it’s completely free for participants.


Help us deliver this meaningful work.

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Donate to the IndyHub Foundation

The IndyHub Foundation was organized as a 501(c)3 in October 2013 and is a supporting organization of:

City of Indianapolis | Arts Council of Indianapolis | Central Indiana Corporate Partnership | Indy Chamber | Visit Indy

Ongoing and customized experiences

Resources connection and civic engagement for 20-and 30-somethings that are available on a regular basis, including some customized offerings that take community connection to the next level.

Five Square Feet | Events Calendar | Volunteer Listings | Core Connections 

Get Connected

Experiences that provide a crash course to Indy, opportunities to network with other Indy residents and access to our city’s many assets and amenities, including sports, arts, culture and culinary.

Five to Seven | IndyHub Exclusives| Make Indy Your City Panel Discussions | Indy Welcome Party (coming soon)

Get Involved 

Opportunities for deeper engagement in our community, including educational experiences that spotlight our challenges and innovations, intentional discussions on timely issues, and exposure to local thinkers and doers.

IndyHub Book Club  | Raise Your IQ | IndyVolved  |Coffee Club (coming soon)

Shape Our City 

Focused programs designed to increase the impact of 20- and 30-somethings in our city, prepare them for and direct them to leadership roles throughout the community and amplify their voices on local issues.

1828 Leadership Project | Corporate Collective | Shape Our City Summit | The LAB

Adrianne Slash
Alane Helmer
Alex Simonton
Alyssa Geisler
Amar & Amelia Patel
André Zhang Sonera
Andrew D Haines
Andrew Spohn
Andrew Spohn
Angela Wallpe
Ashleigh Newbold
Ashley Miser
Ashley Rosenblatt
Ashley Youmell
Benjamin Evans
Blake Johnson
Brenda Ewigleben
Brett Kramer
Brett Morgan
Brian Payne
Brice Willey
Brittany Faulkner
Bunmi Akintomide
Caroline Ellert
Casey Miller
Cassandra Gray
Christopher Gahl
Claire Mauschbaugh
Collette Nicolini
Corey Wilson
Dana Matis
Danielle Dailey
Desma Belsaas
Donald Perin
Doug Ding
Drew Linn
Ed –
Elizabeth Belange
Elyssa Campodonico-Barr
Emily Kitterman
Emily Martin
Emily Sellers
Emma Hagenauer
Eric Tobias
Erin Drake
Ethan Hochstein
greg schahet
Haley Sumner
Hannah Bain
Ian Nicolini
Jacqueline Pimentel-Gannon
Jaden Brown
James Macdonald
James Ulbright
Jane P. Murden
Jason Grisell
Jeff Robinson
Jeffery Burgin
Jennifer Welch
Jenny Cash
Jeremy Anson Keller
Jesse Kharbanda
Jillian Schmiedt
Jocelyn Murphy
Joe Bergin
Joe Pellman
Jon Harrington
Josh Malarsky
Joshua Christie
Judith Thomas
Julia Pritchard
Julie Currise OBrien
Justin Sufan
Karissa Hulse
Kate Vaulter
Katelyn Sussli
Kateri Whitley
Katie Babbitt
Katie Fenton
Katie Vicars
Keira Amstutz
Kelly Curry
Kelsey Jones
Keri Kirschner
Kristen Fuhs Wells
Kristin Cutler
Kylee Fuller
Lauren Ganapini
LeRoy Lewis III
Lesley M Gordon
Lesley Malone-Gordon
Liam Bonner
Lindsay McGuire
Lindsay Trameri
Lindsey Rabinowitch
Lynn D’Cruz
Malina S Jeffers
Margaret Harvey
Margaret Maxwell
Marianne Glick
Mark Nottingham
Marq Montgomery
Marsha Stone
Martha Hoover
Matthew Hall
Max Harper
Meg Liffick Ball
Megan Sims
Melanie S Walker
Melissa Sargent
Michael Kaufmann
Molly Chavers
Molly Connor
Monika M Mala
Natalie Clayton
Nicole Halper
Paige Gaddis
Peggy Menale
Rachel Rollison
Rishard Allen
Robert Johnson
Ryan Vaughn
Samantha L. Cross
Sara Hindi
Sara Morris
Sarah Chin
Sarah Moore
Sarah Myer
Stephanie Long
Summer Sizemore
Tanya Sovinski
Taylor Schaffer
Ted Hirschey
Thomas Benoist
Tim Jarzombek
Timothy Moriarty
Trena Goble Roudebush
Trevor Belden
Troy Hege
Vanessa Keadle
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