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Corporate Collective

Cultivating an environment that attracts, retains and develops top global talent in Indianapolis.

Cities and companies all across the country are in a fierce competition for a critical asset – people. Advertising campaigns that highlight communities, generous relocation stipends and efforts to recruit remote workers are being deployed in cities small and large to close talent gaps, but there is far more work to do, especially when we consider that more than 80% of Millennials (the largest segment of the labor force) say we’re willing to move for the right job. The Corporate Collective is one of Indy’s answers. We bring together talent from some of our most important employers to get them connected, involved, and making a difference in our city. In the process, we’re showing that this is a great place to live, work, play and – most importantly – plant roots. Sure, we host some social events, but the Corporate Collective is about so much more. From leadership development sessions and workshops to summits that focus on tackling some of our community’s pressing issues, the Corporate Collective is an initiative that convenes and empowers the broader community to think big and shape our city and its economic vitality for generations to come.




If you are interested in learning more about how your company can become a member of The Corporate Collective, please contact Blake Johnson at blake@indyhub.org.

Corporate Collective Members

Barnes & Thornburg LLP
JP Morgan Chase
The Heritage Group


Previously hosted events Include: 

Plugged IN (2017)
Night with Indianapolis Symphony Theatre (2018)
Game Night with the Indianapolis Indians (2018)
Raise Your IQ: Diversity in Indy (2018)
Roulette Trivia: Get to know your city (2019)
Summer Movie Night (2019)
Raise Your IQ: Diversity, Equity & Inclusion Workshop (2019)
Shape Our City Summit
IndyVolved (annually)

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