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1828 Leadership Project presented by Citizens Energy Group

Coaching the next generation of Indy’s leaders through discussions with urban advocates and one-on-one mentoring.

The 1828 Leadership Project, presented by Citizens Energy Group, is a civic leadership tract for people between the ages of 18 and 28. Carefully curated and structured to foster intentional relationships with a cross sector of Indianapolis’ thought leaders and decision makers, 1828 jump-starts participants’ civic impact by connecting them with the resources and people who can help them succeed.

We believe these leaders have ideas ready to implement now, not in ten years.

Leadership takes all forms, and Indy requires all types of leaders. The 1828 Leadership Project convenes both traditional and non-traditional leaders in an effort to diversify Indianapolis’ unique civic ecosystem. Relationships forged across these sectors – from nonprofit leaders and entrepreneurs to artists and educators – result in a more inclusive vision for the city’s future (and a more representative group of doers and change-makers on the front lines).

Fundamental to the philosophy of 1828 is that these leaders are ready to lead and have ideas ready to implement now. Through 1828, IndyHub will seek to assist in the development of these projects and passions by connecting these individuals with resources and people who can help them fully realize their big ideas.

Have questions about The 1828 Leadership Project? Drop us a note at hello@indyhub.org.

Meet 1828 Leadership Project Class XI

IndyHub’s 1828 Project Class XII presented by Citizens Energy Group

Hayden Barnack, Indianapolis Colts

Alie Brown, Indianapolis Motor Speedway

Jamarro Johnson, Community Alliance of the Far Eastside

Tiffany Keown, Teachers Credit Union

Attiyana Morris, Indianapolis Airport Authority

Bolanle Oladokun, State of Indiana

Alex Oleson, LISC Indianapolis

Ephraim Palmero, LISC Indianapolis

Jackelinna (Jackie) Rodriguez, Indiana Humanities

Lexes Rubio, Endress+Hauser Group

Allison Walker, Citizens Energy Group

Matt Waweru, Dittoe PR

Deonna Weatherly, African American Arts Institute

Paul Williams, Machyne Makerspace

Maria Yuquilima, Indiana University

Alina Zayas-Navarrete, EmployIndy

Meet the 1828 Leadership Project Alumni

Jamal Abdulrasheed, Class IX
Craig Anesu Chigadza, Class XII
Duchess Adjei, Class VII
Zachary Alexander, Class VIII
Rishard Allen, Class VIII
Jonathan Allinson,  Class I
Scarlett Andrews Martin, Class VII
Chris Baker, Class VII
Meaghan Banks, Class VI
Mariah Barber, Class VIII
Javier Barrera,  Class II
Cy Bennett, Class VII
Thomas Benoist, Class VII
Benjamin Blevins,  Class III
Mark Bode, Class XII
Haley Bougher, Class XII
Tyler Bracken, Class VIII
Derrick Braziel,  Class I
Ceceily Brickley, Class VII
Jeffery Burgin, Class IX
Laurie Burns, Class VII
Brian Burtch, Class VI
Cheria Caldwell,  Class IV
Vivien Carter, Class XII
Everett Clayton,  Class V
Idamarie Collazzo,  Class IV
Clark Collier, Class IX
Molly Connor, Class X
Jacqueline Cromleigh,  Class V
Lauren Day,  Class III
Clayton De Fur, Class VIII
Jorge Dorantes, Class X
MJ Dunne, Class VII
Jessie Eastman, Class VI
Caroline Ellert, Class X
Cailin Ellis, Class XII
Brenda Ewigleben, Class VIII
Rico Francis, Class X
Lauren George, Class VI
Michael Gillis, Class IX
Devon Ginn, Class VI
Lourenzo Giple,  Class II
Abby Goldsmith,  Class IV
Joe Gramelspacher,  Class IV
Laura Granieri,  Class V
Emma Hagenauer, Class VIII
Joe Hamgeri, Class VI
Patrick Hall, Class IX
Cameron Harris, Class XII
Kelly Harris,  Class IV
Shon Harris, Class X
Marcus Harvey,  Class II
Kelley Heneveld,  Class III
Kristin Hess,  Class I
Sara Hindi, Class X
Emily Hitchcock, Class VII
Ethan Hochstein, Class X
Jerome Horne, Class VI
Annie Hostetter,  Class I
Bradley Houser, Class VII
Karissa Hulse,  Class I
Denver Hutt,  Class II
Natalie James, Class XII
Francesca Jarosz,  Class II
Theon Jones,  Class IV
Allie Kast, Class VIII
Emily Kitterman, Class VIII
Brett Kramer, Class VIII
Lauren Li Primer, Class XII
Jenn Lisak,  Class III
Berenice López, Class XII
Mollie Louret,  Class I
Brent Lyle,  Class III
Luisa Macer, Class XII
Danicia Malone,  Class III
Aaron Marshall, Class IX
Ashley Mason,  Class II
Brittany Mason, Class VI
Claire Mauschbaugh, Class VIII
Lauren McConnell,  Class V
Lindsay McGuire, Class IX
Jamey McPherson,  Class III
Alex Miser,  Class III
Ashley Miser, Class VI
Claudia Montes-Salinas,  Class IV
Cari Morales,  Class V
Brett Morgan, Class VI
Anthony Murdock II, Class X
Nick Murray-Vachon, Class VIII
Emily Nelson, Class X
Ashleigh Newbold, Class IX
Rosie Newman, Class X
Danielle Nimtz, Class X
Katie Norman, Class X
Alexander Nyirendah, Class XII
Diana Ortega, Class VIII
Mark O’Neall,  Class IV
David O’Rourke, Class VI
Karla Lopez Owens, Class VI
Joe Perin, Class VII
Guadalupe Pimentel Solano, Class V
Addison Pollock, Class VI
Joey Ponce,  Class V
Allison Potteiger, Class VI
Charlie Redd, Class VIII
Marissa Renaldi, Class IX
Elle Roberts,  Class IV
Sarah Robinson,  Class II
Natalia Rodriguez-Hilt, Class X
Dee Ross, Class X
Michael Runge,  Class II
Steven Russell, Class IX
Kamron Sanders, Class IX
Melissa Sargent, Class IX
Brandon Schaaf,  Class III
Becca Schmiegel, Class XII
Emily Scott, Class VII
JD Shuyler,  Class IV
Rachel Skelton,  Class I
Brittany Smith,  Class II
Payton Staman, Class XII
Brian Staresnick,  Class III
Cory Still, Class IX
Greg Stowers, Class VI
Tony Styxx,  Class V
Nate Swick, Class VIII
Susanna Taft, Class IX
Curtis Taylor, Class XII
Hannah Thomas, Class IX
Erin Till,  Class II
Mayowa Tomori,  Class I
Rita Troyer,  Class II
Molly Trueblood,  Class I
Nicole Vasconi,  Class II
Danielle Vetter, Class VII
Tori Walker, Class VI
Brittany West,  Class V
Ray White,  Class II
Kateri Whitley, Class VII
Chelsea Wilson, Class X
Tyler Wong, Class XII
TJ Wright, Class XII
Fabio Yataco, Class X
We are able to provide this leadership experience at no cost to 1828 leadership project class members, partly in thanks to individual contributors such as yourself. Please consider making an investment and supporting our city’s future generation of leaders.



To learn how your company can become involved as a sponsor, contact Al Carroll at al@indyhub.org.

Meet 1828 leadership project Class XII


Know an outstanding young leader?
We’d love to meet them!

Nominations for Class XIII are now open. Nominations will close July 1, 2023.


history of 1828

In 2012, Michael Kaufmann and Molly Chavers set out to create a program for Indy’s young talent– those who were already doing and being in our city– that may not have access to traditional leadership development opportunities in their role.

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