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Corporate Collective

Cultivating an environment that attracts, retains and develops top global talent in Indianapolis.

Millennials are now the largest generation in the U.S. labor force, the most highly-educated generation in history, and – combined with Gen Zs – they spend nearly $3 trillion dollars each year. All that to say, these younger Americans, Hoosiers and Indy residents are critical to the overall economic strength of our communities. It’s why so many cities are competing for young talent and why governments are trying to address the brain drain and ensure their cities are the types of places this critical demographic wants to live, work, play, and plant roots in.


For corporations and the cities they call home, the stakes have never been higher as we work to not only recruit, but to retain, this important segment of our nation’s talent. IndyHub’s Corporate Collective addresses head-on the challenges of talent retention and recruitment through focused efforts that get emerging leaders plugged into their community’s civic and social architecture, providing cross-sector networking, volunteerism, and opportunities to shape their city for the better.


The Corporate Collective Advisory Committee is committed to:

1. Providing young professionals with year-round cross-sector opportunities to network, volunteer and develop.

2. Educating employees on issues of talent retention and recruitment, diversity and inclusion, and other broad concerns within the Indianapolis community.

3. Cultivating an environment for your emerging talent to explore the culture, diversity and amenities that make Indianapolis special.

4. Supporting a forum for Corporate Collective members to engage in ideation and strategic planning with government and civic leaders on how our city can better serve young talent and tackle our most pressing challenges.

Corporate Collective Members + Companies


If you are interested in learning more about how your company can become a member of The Corporate Collective, please contact Blake Johnson at blake@indyhub.org.

Corporate Collective Members
Barnes & Thornburg LLP
JP Morgan Chase
The Heritage Group


Morning Refresh

Morning Refresh with Corporate Collective Leaders

Morning Refresh recorded conversations



2019 Shape Our City | Talent Summit

RESULTS_Shape Our City Summit _2020 (2)


Previously hosted events include: 

Plugged IN (2017)
Night with Indianapolis Symphony Theatre (2018)
Game Night with the Indianapolis Indians (2018)
Raise Your IQ: Diversity in Indy (2018)
Roulette Trivia: Get to know your city (2019)
Summer Movie Night (2019)
Raise Your IQ: Diversity, Equity & Inclusion Workshop (2019)
Shape Our City Summit
IndyVolved (annually)

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