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Core Connections

When you connect to IndyHub you’ll connect to Indy - It’s time to make this city yours.

We’re here for you.

So while you are doing your part to practice social distancing, we’ll be hosting virtual Core Connections – Because conversations haven’t been canceled. 

Feel less isolated and more connected with IndyHub staff & friends through our virtual Core Connections initiative, curated for new residents, and those missing social interaction. Best part? It might be awkward, but we’re okay with it and you will be too. 

Our virtual Core Connections initiative is curated to help you feel less isolated and more connected during a time of social distancing. We’ll connect through a common virtual space via Google Meet-up, whether over coffee or even a cocktail. We’ll chat about your Indianapolis story, get to know each other and share additional ways to help our community along the way.

There’s no pressure, we’re simply here for you. 

Ready to connect? Be sure you say “YES” to meeting a City Ambassador and we’ll be in touch.

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Research shows that each year, 1 million young adults pick up and move. At IndyHub we know that building meaningful connections to neighborhoods, amenities, culture, and people is crucial to being happy and prosperous in the place you call home.

So let us help you MAKE INDY YOUR CITY.

Through Core Connections, our staff and team of IndyHub City Ambassadors work to ensure that you find meaningful connections in the Indy community. We’ll sit down and learn about you– your likes, your dislikes, what makes you get out of bed in the morning, and the things that you enjoy when you aren’t at work. All that information plays into the next step where we connect you to our friends and peers from other Indy organizations where we see an opportunity for you to plug in.

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City Ambassadors, our community’s most connected and engaged citizens, are on the front lines of these efforts, often serving as one of the first people new residents meet. If there’s a story to tell about our city, Ambassadors are the authors. 

We know the power of building meaningful connections to our city and its people – connections that lead our network to make this their home long term, to build lasting friendships, to harness their passions for civic and social good, and to take on leadership roles that shape our city for generations to come.

Interested in learning more about becoming an IndyHub City Ambassador? Please email hello@indyhub.org.


Employers – we’re here to help you onboard your talent

Our Core Connections program serves as an extension of your company’s HR department. While you’re focused on getting your employees settled in your company, IndyHub Staff and Ambassadors will ensure that they are establishing meaningful connections to other young professionals, to the arts and culture that defines our city, and to the causes that will help them make a difference here.

For more information, contact Blake Johnson at blake@indyhub.org.

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