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5×5 Dream Indy with Big Car on November 12

Posted by: 5x5 Indy
Posted: November 9, 2015
Categories: 5x5 Indy

The fourth and final 5×5 Indy of 2015 will be hosted by Big Car at the Tube Factory in Garfield Park. This 5×5 program is free. Everyone is invited and encouraged to attend!

Mark your calendar for Thursday, November 12. Join us at 6:30 p.m. for music, food and incredible ideas. Tickets>>
THE 5X5 HOST: Big Car

Big Car’s work is about boosting livability in Indianapolis using art. As an artist-led collaborative, they’re all about creative solutions for connecting people and building an identity for Indianapolis and our neighborhoods. They’re especially excited to host the 5×5 event in their new neighborhood, Garfield Park – at the site of their new facility (still under renovation): Tube Factory artspace.

Big Car believes that the 5×5 application is meant to cut out the red tape involved with bringing an idea to reality. The sincerity and passion and vulnerability of the presenters is powerful to witness. From Big Car’s 5×5 experience, they love seeing the many ways that creative ideas can be combined with social issues, eco issues, and neighborhood pride issues to improve Indianapolis.


All the 5×5 events Big Car hosts showcase artist-generated ideas that tend to be about creating great public cultural experiences or new pieces of public art. This year Big Car has selected the theme Dream Indy to coincide with this year’s Spirit & Place Festival.

For a greater collaborative vibe from the get-go and expanded moral support for the ideas, whether or not they get funded, Big Car has decided to give $500 to the four finalists who don’t get the $10,000 – in the hopes of seeding all five ideas!

Big Car’s also partnering with two organizations, who sparked the idea to encourage intergenerational ideas and applicants: The UIndy Center for Aging & Community and Joy’s House.


Micro-affections presented by Danicia Malone and Tomm Roesch

Indiana is one of five states in the nation with no anti-hate crimes legislation.  This public art project will combat microagressions with microaffections through an interactive typographic projection of text related to ethics and advocacy, and eight gramophones strategically positioned around the city that collect and project words of encouragement.

Open Music Indy: A Collaborative Concert Series presented by Rob Funkhouser and Austin Senior

Open Music Indy is a concert series that would gather musicians (composers, songwriters, performers) from different Indianapolis communities to create new music and perform it free to the public. Collaborations would be designed to join audiences and artists that would not normally listen or perform together. The concerts would happen in all-ages public spaces and be used as a tool to foster relationships between musicians and music lovers of all kinds and to eliminate any perceived barriers, cultural, demographic, or otherwise, between them.

Neighborhood Stories presented by Bob Sander and Alysah Rice

Neighborhood Stories connects Near Eastside residents, young and old, through storytelling and illustration. Visual artist Emily Kennerk will design a “Reader’s Chair,” a public artwork, to mark the site of monthly reading events, where community members can gather to share stories about their neighborhood, across generations. Workshops, sponsored by Arts for Learning, will be held at area schools for students to create books based on the stories collected and their own dreams for the community.

A Place to Call Home: Saint Clair Place and Neighborhood Identity presented by Lukas Schooler and Beverly Roche

Through neighbor-driven interviews and tailored public workshops, NoExit Performance would work with youth in the Saint Clair Place neighborhood to create a unifying historic and/or social narrative for their neighborhood through interviews with residents. NoExit Performance and neighbors will devise a series of short performances that will debut at the annual Saint Clair Place Parade.

The Secret of Life Society presented by Christopher M. Dance and Chad Hankins

The Secret of Life Society is a series of figurative public monuments depicting current community residents, selected through a voting process. The sculptures would include benches and information about the unique place where the monuments are located. The aim is to inspire hope through creating value and interest in public spaces and individual champions of neighborhoods.

Mark your calendar for Thursday, November 12. Join us at 6:30 p.m. for music, food and incredible ideas.  Tickets>>
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