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An IndyHub Love Story | Eddy & Lindsay Lux

Posted by: IndyHub
Posted: February 10, 2021
Categories: Networking & Social, Civic Engagement, IndyVolved, IndyHub

For nearly sixteen years IndyHub has served as a point of connection for many of Indy’s 20-and 30-somethings – connections to places, organizations, jobs, mentors and the one that matters most, people. While we’re all still trying to adapt to creating connections virtually, we want to take you back to a simpler time at the City Market in June of 2012. 

For two Indy young professionals, Eddy and Lindsay, 2012 was a big year to get more involved and focus on civic engagement. Little did they know, the start of their love story was just around the corner at none other than IndyHub’s annual event, IndyVolved.  

Eddy and Lindsay Lux’s story started years ago and they’ve been up to quite a bit since then so we caught up with them to learn more about the day they met and where they are now. 

Read on to learn how signing up to volunteer can lead to a life-long partnership.

Take us back. How exactly did you meet at IndyVolved?  

See Lindsay to the left of IndyHub Founder Molly Chavers

Eddy: It was August 1st 2012 and we were both volunteers at different non-profits. Lindsay was the Chair of IndyHub’s President’s Roundtable, and I was President of Ronald McDonald House, Young Professional’s Board. Lindsay and her team were responsible for organizing IndyVolved at City Market and I was signed up as a volunteer to assist setup prior to manning the booth for RMHI, YPB. I reported to Lindsay as a volunteer.

What did you think when you first met each other?

Eddy: I was immediately struck by her leadership/take-charge demeanor and her eyes/smile – she had me. I insisted on going with her to hang a couple balloons outside even though it was a one person task, I’m sure it was awkward but I knew I couldn’t let the opportunity slip away.

Lindsay: I was never the type of girl who believed in love at first sight. Was not a hopeless romantic. I was happy with my single life in the city, feeling fulfilled with work and civic responsibility. BUT, the moment I met Ed, within MINUTES, I knew that he was “the one.” I couldn’t keep my eyes off of him the entire night. 

Okay, so that night IndyVolved likely ended with a local beer toast, celebrating Indy’s love for civic engagement, but then what? What happened the next day or week? 

Eddy: People were ending the event at Tomlinson Tap but Lindsay’s team had to tear down tables and chairs so I pitched in hoping to snag a drink after.  I’m sure my nervous high energy was a bit much but she did give me her number. I called her a day or two later and left an embarrassingly long voicemail. Luckily she called me back and we scheduled our first date: A night at the Indiana State Fair.

Lindsay: Ed was a true gentleman and walked me to my car that evening, after a beer at the Tap. We exchanged numbers and he called me within a day or two and setup our first date. The voicemail was minutes long, which included his plans for the next week and informing me his family dog had also passed. 😉 You could tell he was nervous but I thought it was so sweet and I saved that voicemail for as long as Apple would let me. 

What was your favorite part about dating in our city? Did you have a go-to restaurant you constantly found yourself going to?  

Eddy: Lindsay and I were both living in the Herron Morton neighborhood when we met. It felt like you could get anywhere in the City fast.  We were constantly on our bikes and hitting different bars, restaurants, and concerts/events.  Seems like we ended up at Chatham Tap for wings or Elbow Room quite a bit but we would make a point to hit new places and hole-in-the-walls.

Lindsay: We were still dating when Ed bought his first house in Irvington. We loved Irvington and enjoyed the restaurant, arts and festival scene there.

Let’s jump forward a decade since your love story began – where are you both now?!  

Eddy: Hard to believe it was that long ago! Coincidentally, we live very close to the Fairgrounds which not only served as our first date but also where we got engaged. I’m sure every woman dreams of being engaged shortly after stepping in a huge puddle that swamped her shoes, outside in the pouring rain, 40 degrees?? I’m thinking she said “yes” just to get the hell outta there! 🙂 We have been married 6 years and have a 2 year old son, Henry.

Lindsay: Ed and I are both professionals, with Ed working from home a lot in the Construction & Engineering industry and Lindsay as a lobbyist at a downtown law firm. Full time work and a toddler keep us both busy and fulfilled. 

Indy is the setting of your love story – what does this city mean to you?

Eddy: To me the City is relationships.  After living in neighborhoods like Broad Ripple, Irvington, Fall Creek Place, etc. we have built long-lasting relationships with great people. Indy is full of kind, welcoming people.

Lindsay: Indy has always been a community I’ve been proud to call home. After living all over the country my first 20 years of life, I couldn’t imagine myself living anywhere else. 

Due to the global pandemic, it’s incredibly hard for all of us to connect, but especially for young professionals to connect and meet new people. Do you have any pro-tips for those looking to meet new people? 

Lindsay: I am a natural introvert so I’ll let Ed answer this one. 🙂

Eddy: Think outside of the box. Even in cold weather there are walking, running, fitness, and hiking groups that meet up outdoors. Organizations like Circle City Athletics have tons of leagues and teams for indoor and outdoor activities.  Most importantly, get involved in nonprofits: The benefits are endless: You help others and your community, network and build relationships, learn leadership skills, and maybe meet your future life partner.

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