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Indianapolis Cultural Trail Food Tours- Part I

Posted by: Indianapolis Cultural Trail
Posted: July 27, 2018
Categories: Arts & Entertainment, Food & Drink

It’s no secret that the Indy culinary scene is taking off. What may not be as obvious is that plenty of these up-and-coming establishments exist along the Cultural Trail! In this case, we’ve teamed up with some of the best restaurants our city has to offer to provide yet another avenue for enjoying downtown Indy in a fresh, fun way.

Our first set of tours, Exploring Virginia Ave and Fletcher Place Foodie, will take guests to venues such as Rook, 12.05, Three Carrots, Red Lion, New Day Meadery, Litterally Divine, Torta’s, Milktooth, Bluebeard, and Amelia’s. Hear what one of our tour guides has to say about these two tours!

“The Cultural Trail is vital to the growth of our hospitality and tourism scene, and Indianapolis is absolutely chock-full of art, invention, and new experiences.”

Meet Sarah:

Without giving too much away, what sets the ICT Food Tours apart and makes them unique?

We exclusively work with independent business owners, and they’re really invested in being good ambassadors for their restaurant and the food scene in general. Every person gets a real VIP experience, and you get an intimate view of the Indy hospitality industry.

In your opinion, what’s the most interesting thing, food or beverage, people can look forward to trying on this tour?

Rook always makes a special off-menu steam bun for us, which is always exciting and interesting. But if you’re a sweets lover, you’ll especially appreciate the short and long tours for the pastries and chocolates.

What’s the most memorable or interesting experience you’ve had on a tour so far?

Our tour groups are so diverse, from groups of friends out for fun, to corporate groups, to people new to town that want to get to know the city’s food scene quickly. Even if you’ve been to half of these restaurants many times, I guarantee you’ll and taste something new and learn about these businesses in a new way.

How do you think being on the Cultural Trail impacts the overall experience?

The trail has been around long enough that locals don’t really notice it anymore, and the tour is a great reminder of what an asset it is for the city. It provides a well-lit walking and biking path that really does connect all the best parts of the city center, and it shows the power of urban planning and the vision of our local entrepreneurs.

What’s the number one thing you want people to walk (or bike) away with after a tour?

That the Cultural Trail is vital to the growth of our hospitality and tourism scene, and that Indianapolis is absolutely chock-full of art, invention, and new experiences. The independent business owners we partner with pour their heart and soul into every cup and plate that goes out to guests, and the tour is such an awesome showcase of their talent and dedication.

The Exploring Virginia Ave and Fletcher Place Foodie food tours run Fridays and Saturdays from 1:00 pm – 5:00 pm and Monday-Friday 1:00 pm -3:30 pm respectively. Visit https://indyculturaltrail.org/foodtours to reserve your spot or to see more information about all of our tours!

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