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The Dinner Series

Our city needs a robust transportation system. Conversations and education centered around the future of transit in our city.

in 2016, we held monthly conversations about public transportation in indianapolis and the role we can play in changing its future.

Why transit, why now?

We believe that Indianapolis needs a robust transportation system to move people around – to their jobs and to the grocery store, to school and dinner with friends, to the library, and to the doctor. It’s for those who have a choice about their transportation, and it’s for our neighbors who rely on IndyGo every day.

2016 IndyGo Network2021 IndyGo Network Updates

Above, view the 2016 IndyGo Network (left), and the proposed 2021 IndyGo Network (right).

In November 2016, every Marion County voter was asked if they support a referendum to implement the Marion County Transit Plan. The answer was yes, and the plan will result in:

  • 70% more service
  • Routes that run every day, later and on the weekends
  • 3 rapid transit lines

Transit Drives Indy is our community’s gathering place to learn more about and express support for the Marion County Transit Referendum. There are a multitude of volunteer opportunities to engage in the effort.


So, what happened at The Dinner Series?

Our aim was to provide our guests with the tools to make informed decisions. Each second Wednesday in 2016, we travelled across the city for dinner and a conversation about the future of transit in Indy, bus fare included.

Where we’ve gone:
Mass Ave to Midtown, Downtown to Irvington, Broad Ripple to Nora, Fountain Square to Cole Noble, 16 Tech to Speedway, Downtown Transit Center to Highland Park, IMA to the International Marketplace, and Mass Ave to Kennedy King.

Want to keep up with what’s happening with the IndyGo Red Line? Stay in the know.

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